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Powertoolbuzz is a power tool blog that focuses on new tool reviews, industry news, tool guides and occasional DIY projects.
Our mission is quite simple. We strive to deliver only the best tools with accurate reviews on the many top brands of power tools available in today’s market. You will read nothing but well-written, helpful, honest reviews written by professionals. Inside Powertoolbuzz you will find answers to these common inquiries:

•What power tools are worth my hard earned cash?
•What makes one power tool better than another?
•What blades and accessories work best?
•What brands produce the strongest and most durable products?

And much more.

Our goal is to provide insight and information that helps readers determine for themselves whether a tool or product is suited for their needs.

Powertoolbuzz is all about helping that busy professional tradesman or DIY find the right tool for his/her buck. Find the right powertool without wasting hours on top of endless hours sifting through thousands of consumers reviews reading their experiences when it can all be read here in a condensed interweb kind of tool box of knowledge broken down to the pros and cons of each and every power tool imaginable.

There are few limits about the types of tools we will discuss in previews, but we avoid reviewing tools that are way beyond our experience. Paid-placement content is NOT permitted under any condition. If we think a tool is worth previewing or discussing in a post, we’ll gladly do it for free.

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Why are you wasting time reading the ‘about’ page when you should be finding that kick butt power tool and get to demolishing stuff. : )

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