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DIY Ideas

woodworking projects

Sigh… the conundrums of digital age have taken a toll on DIY enthusiasts and their hobbies. While it is true that you can find over a hundred million woodworking ideas online, the average individual still cherishes the memory of going by the book.

I remember bumping my knuckles into simple woodworking issues every now and then – and I had to refer to different handy guides for the project to see if everything was going in order. The whole exercise was a little tiring, but I knew that I could always fall back on tried and proven woodworking methodologies. Read more....

garden shed ideas

What’s the first thing you do before your woodworking shed idea comes into fruition? I am talking about the exact moment where you hit your first nail into the panel.

If you were an entry level woodworker like me, you’d have just hammered your way without giving any second thoughts to what could possibly go right or wrong with the whole project. The problem with such projects is that we don’t spare enough time on contemplating different aspects of wood shed plans. In fact, it should be a “plan plan plan” and then execute phase where your garden shed ideas can finally take up a perfectly assembled physical form. Read more...

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