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Stunning Landscaping Plans And Design Ideas For Your Garden

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Here’s Our Top Recommended Landscaping Ideas And Plans For 2021
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Landscaping is something that’s embedded in everyone’s DNA. You may not be a an accredited landscaper, or a garden designer, but deep down inside, you love nature and the entire outside greenery related setup that is either manmade or something bestowed by nature.

I have seen numerous nature created groves, green pastures and proper landscape designer projects over the course of last few years. Let me say this: you don’t have to be a landscaper to make your garden, lawn or patio look beautiful, but at the same time, it takes a lot of skill and professionalism to reach those visually perfect levels.

It Takes A lot More To Breathe Visually Stunning Life Into Your Landscaping Ideas:

At beginner level, all of us can make our gardens or whatever favorite outside spot look beautiful. But the definition and the level of that outside beauty is kind of tainted. You can setup a rock formation, install an artificial waterfall and get a few lights going on and off easily. But if you ask me, that’s not really a befitting definition of an inspiring garden design.

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Trust me, I have worked my ass off on a gazillion little things related to garden, patio, lawn, backyard and front yard renovations but none of it came close to turning heads. My neighbors would come over and say, “Oh, you did a pretty cool thing with those rocks over there…” And that was about it.

Anyway, working to make our homes and surroundings look good is part of our nature. Over the last few years of implementing landscaping ideas into workable designs, I have derived a number of rules for all to follow. You can, however, make your own rules but there are some Dos and Don’t’s that will definitely save you time concerning garden designs, garden landscaping and whatnot.

Garden Design Style Matters

Particularly speaking about garden designs, style matters a lot. A young girl, lying on her back in her garden while staring at the clouds is something they show in those landscaping ideas vanity mags. You have seen plenty of those photos. They are all real, but what they don’t tell you is how the landscaping expert achieved that level of perfection.

Secondly, each garden design, follows a specific style. My suggestion is that the outside of your house; it doesn’t have to be the garden area, should reflect your taste and personality. If you are more of a Japanese culture kind of person, perhaps a Zen garden is the right type of landscaping idea for you. Zen gardens are not that hard to make, but there sure is some planning that goes into it. 

Workable Landscape Ideas Only

Start with something small. Pick out landscaping ideas and plans from different websites and measure them against your available resources. There are a few elements that go into e very garden/ landscape design. If you are not designing a formal garden, then the steps are even easier because there is room for improvising.

However, you will need garden power tools to groom your green patches. A lawn mower will be a nice addition to helping you to trim your grass blades down to even size. You can read our lawn mower reviews at this website. We put in a lot of effort to select budget oriented models that work mostly for mainstream homeowners out there.

Sketching Landscaping Plans

Sketching ideas is a good move. Ain’t nothing wrong with drawing down some “doodles” to point out the general positioning of what’s going to be installed at which spot in your garden. I keep on repeating the terms “garden ideas and garden designs”, but you should generalize it as much as possible. It could be your front yard or any favorite spot outside wherever you live.

So, coming back to sketching, the drawing can demonstrate where you are planning to put down the main elements of your landscaping ideas. You can redraw as much as you want until you are satisfied with the layout of the area. From then on, all it will need is the right amount of power tools and accessories to get things in motion.

Future Proofing Landscaping Ideas

This is where you can work smart to avoid spending too much money on future renovations. Often times, when you are not that experienced in landscaping, there is a probability of doing a lot of things wrong.

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Sometimes, the landscape is the perfect labor of love, but you figure out that you need to change a few things several months down the road. Maybe the underground waterfall pipes have broken, maybe the man made fireplace is coming apart or vice versa. Fixing stuff is not easy, while repairing and doing it all over again can incur huge amount of expenditure.

To save money, effort and time on your part, make your landscaping ideas future proof. Leave room for changes, so that if you have to make alterations to a garden design, you can always do it without starting all over again.

Nothing Is Ever Planned!

Yep, this one is the most important tip that I am sharing with you. When it comes to landscape ideas and laying down garden designs, nothing is ever planned. Strictly speaking in terms of monetary cost, expect to spend 15% - 25% extra money on things you never thought of.

There are additional setbacks in every landscaping project. For instance, when I was doing a waterfall installation in my own garden, I used a plastic sheet to lay down a ground for the piping. The dugout area is covered with soil and then you are supposed to grow your plants over it.

What I didn’t account for was the fact that the sheet was actually preventing the plants from spreading their roots. As a result, the entire area started to rot away and my waterfall began to look haunted after a few months.


Someone told me that I will have to do it all over again by installing a breathable mesh instead of the plastic sheet underneath the entire structure. The mesh gives roots enough room to go through and the pipes remain on top of the mesh without getting damaged. This was the type of setback that was not expected. But I did learn a great deal from it.

As always, I set aside a dedicated portion of my budget, and my customers’ to avoid running into U-turns.

How Did It All Start For Me?

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I didn’t choose to be a professional landscape designer by choice. I didn’t attend any classes or take any crash courses. As I recall, I was out there delivering some stuff to someone’s home and they invited me inside.

This guy had an incredible garden; the kind that you probably see in the movies. The place wasn’t big, but the way the theme of the garden was set was something that stuck in my head for a few weeks.

The setting was based on Japanese style. There was a small bridge and a stream running underneath it. The main pavement of the garden was sodded with black and white oval shaped rocks.

Also, there was a small pond in one corner with crystal clear water and small Koi fish. I went home and I was thinking, “I have to do this in my home.” That’s how it all started. However, it took me a long time to create a Zen Garden, especially the pond part. No one told me that ‘crystal clear’ water in a Zen garden pond is easy to maintain.

I contacted the guy later and asked him a few questions. He chuckled and said that whatever is going above the surface in your garden design – that’s nothing. There is a lot of underground surface area where different piping, craters and filters are installed to achieve that effect.

Helen Whitfield’s ‘Ideas 4 Landscaping’ Helped A Lot!

helen whithfield

Ideas 4 Landscaping’ is an online product which has helped professional and entry level aspiring landscapers alike. It was created by Helen Whitfield, a professional landscaper who also happens to be a member of the ANLA.

In case you are wondering how I know that Helen’s a member of the ANLA, I did some background research. Since a lot of products on the internet happen to be released by shady characters with fictional background, I am very picky when it comes to credentials.

I looked up the ANLA members list and found that there was actually a ‘Helen Whitfield’ in there. Now she could have been a different lady, but the photographs and the background information that’s mentioned at the official ‘Ideas 4 Landscape’ website are all the same.

Anyhow, ‘Ideas 4 Landscape’ is an amazing collection of landscaping ideas, garden design plans and a lot more to help turn any entry level landscaper to a professional level. Now there are some ups and downs of owning this product, but overall, the pros tend to outweigh the cons.

‘Ideas 4 Landscape’ has a segment by segment collection of different plans which cover different types of setups. You can give a visually stunning overhaul to a lot of things apart from typical gardens. Take a look below:

  • Garages
  • Garden Ponds
  • List Decks
  • Patios
  • Driveways and Walkway Pavements
  • Fountains
  • Hedges, Front yards and Back Yards

Of the two main reasons as to why I bought ‘Ideas 4 Landscape’ is basically because Helen’s background checked out and the price of the entire eBook bundle is affordable. For a little over $47, you are basically paying for a collection of over 7,200 landscaping ideas and themes. It will probably take your more than a year just to finish the book because all the ideas are intriguing and worth spending time on.

According to my estimate, the real worth of ‘Ideas 4 Landscape’ is more than $350, but since Helen Whitfield decided to drop the price against all odds, she is not only able to make more customers, but also share her knowledge of landscaping with people from all walks of life.

What I Loved About ‘Ideas 4 Landscape’?

  • There are step by step guides in this book for the most part. Some of the ideas and themes are just summarized with the help of diagrams, so you will have to figure things out on your own. However, the latter kind is for professionals only.
  • Since I mentioned that everything is categorized, there is over 60 different partitions where each and everything is divided in this book. This way, the landscape ideas and garden designs don’t get mixed up with one another and you can move at your own pace.
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  • For a limited time, ‘Ideas 4 Landscape’ comes with special bonuses. It all depends on what time of the year you purchase Helen Whitfield’s book bundle. If you are lucky, you will get some additional eBooks and exclusive insight content on Helen’s work.
  • The entire collection of content is available for instant download after you make the payment.
  • There is a limited time money back guarantee with a brand new purchase of ‘Ideas 4 Landscape’.

Although the creator states that it’s a ‘No questions asked’ policy, but should you find yourself in need of a refund, they might ask you a few questions as to why you are considering doing it. The resolution of the case depends on customer to customer. As for me, I didn’t have such sour experiences.

Some of the Setbacks of ‘Ideas For Landscape’ eBook Bundle:

Although the collection of landscape plans, garden designs and tips make up for one awesome book in its entirety, there are a few setbacks of owning it.

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  • With over 7,000 different garden landscaping plans lined up in there, it is easy to get distracted. You may find out that every plan is not for you. Start with the basics and dedicate yourself to working hard. If you are going to be skimming sections in the book, you will not get any real value or applicable knowledge out of it.
  • While the book is available for instant download, it also takes the joy of a printed collection. Yes, you can print the entire book, but it will incur additional printing cost. Have you thought about it?

The workaround solution to avoiding spending any money on printing is to have a portable eBook reader with you. That too, will require some expenses, so mind it. If you don’t have an eBook reader, then you can just download the book into your computer and write down the landscaping plans on a notebook for future reference.

Or you could use your office’s printer… It is kind of sneaky, but if you have connections, you can ask your colleague to look the other way, while you print an entire book on landscaping ideas out of office supplies!

Some Additional Thoughts about Garden Landscaping In General:

Although I strongly recommend that you should give Helen Whitfield’s landscaping book a chance, it could be a little hard for someone to spend $47 in one go. The eBook bundle is not cheap, but it is affordable. If you don’t have money on the side, then you don’t have to buy it.

At ‘Power Tool Buzz’, our product recommendations and reviews are not written with the intent of making sales. While there is a very small amount of affiliate sales percentage that we get as a commission, most of it goes into writing featured content and paying for the website. That’s all there is to it.

There are better alternatives to ‘Ideas 4 Landscape’ available on the internet. It’s just that it will take a lot of time and you’re going to have to look for landscape ideas, garden designs and other plans on your own. Go to different online forums, engage with fellow users who are active in the community.

Ask them that you are interested in giving a nice overhaul to your garden and that you don’t have the money to spend on a special book. This way, you will get lots of advice and practical knowledge on garden designs that don’t require any down payment or anything.

Landscaping Is An Art:

Did you know that professional landscapers make a lot of money. Landscaping is a form of an art itself where the designers get to show off their work to the entire world. If you are planning to pursue landscaping at a professional level, perhaps it is better to get enrolled in real life classes.


You can find a lot of information about landscaping courses, classes and institutes on the internet. Send them an email and fill the support team in on your qualifications. You will be surprised to hear back from them, since a lot of institutes are happy to take in fresh students who have a knack for landscaping and some side hobby projects on the side.

Good luck and have fun out there.

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