Complete Must Read Guides Before You Buy

The Complete Table Saw Buying Guide
Woodworkers are well aware that they’re gonna’ need serious cutting tools at some point in their morbid careers. I am talking about specific power tools which are high up the league, such as; chainsaws, jig saws and table saws. Speaking of the latter kind, this detailed write up is all about buying your table saw the way it’s meant to be - that means getting down to the brass tacks and discussing different aspects of what would be an ideal table saw.
The Complete Cordless Drill Buying Guide
Cordless drills are becoming more popular these days since they can become a huge timesaver as a DIY, and as a professional contractor this is a power tool you can't do without, a cordless drill is a must-have tool. Most people are delighted to have a cordless drills due to their high degree of versatility and extraordinary power they tend to offer. Also, these machines save you the burden of dragging the cord around the house or job site.
The Complete Circular Saw Buying Guide
I am sure that by now, you know what a circular saw is. It is a common cutting tool that was designed to split different materials such as; wood, steel, masonry etc. with precision and accuracy. The problem is that when people hear about circular saws, they associate the terminology with a toothed blade, which is only made to serve the needs of wood workers. As ironic as the concept may sound, the modern circular saw is a beast of a tool. Ever since their inception, circular saws can chew a lot more than what they were originally made for.
The Complete Chainsaw Buying Guide
I don’t know why the notion of having a chainsaw reminds me of the ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ movie series, but somehow the idea has always been stuck in my head. Things changed a little when I actually owned and tried several models from both cordless and corded electric chainsaw categories over the last few years. Still, I am not an expert by any means - I wanted to help fellow woodworkers who are just getting their feet wet in this field.