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Best Pressure Washer In 2024 Review

best pressure washer review

Best Pressure Washers in 2024 For Indoor And Outdoor

Don't Have Time To Read Our Pressure Washer Reviews? Here Is Our Top Choice

sun joe pressure washer

If you are considering buying the best pressure washer we would advice you not to look any further and get the Sun Joe SPX3000 .

This unit is lightweight, has a high pressure rating and literally comes with thousands of glowing user reviews at different online retailer websites.With that much amount of credibility and a boatload of user ratings, you will end up with a dependable pressure washer with high affordability and next to minimum maintenance factor for years to come.

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Pressure washers make quick work of any cleaning ritual whether it is inside the house, outside, or within the vicinities of a public place. Of course, it is not that easy as it sounds because these beastly machines are capable of either performing as advertised, or going the opposite direction of what’s least expected.

A wrong pressure washer for an on-site contractor job can have drastic results. How so? If you must know, let us assume the example of decades old grime and muck buildup inside brick crevices. A substandard power washer will have low pressure at “max” level; as a result, the grime/muck deposits will mostly stay intact, or you will end up working double the amount of hours on a job that’d have been an amateur’s play.

Quick Comparison




Flow Rate(GPM)


Check Price

Sun Joe SPX3000


 31 lbs.


2 years

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Karcher K5


32 lbs.


1 year

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Simpson Cleaning MSH 3125-S


59 lbs.


5 years

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Generac 7019


57 lbs.


3 years

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Greenworks 1600


17.5 lbs.


4 years

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PowRyte Elite


21.8 lbs.


2 years

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Our Top 6 Best Pressure Washers for 2024

Realistically speaking, the above scenario rarely happens. Contractors know what they are getting into, and they have the right type of equipment to make any driveway, office premises and staircase squeaky clean n’ brand new looking.

I’m just elaborating on some mistakes that people would make when they are buying their first ever pressure washer without having too much knowledge about its actual application and how user requirements would scale against it.

Thus comes the purpose of writing this detailed review – like all the others that I, or one of my fellow writers at Power Tool Buzz, have been doing so far. We actually want to take the guess work out of the equation so that the next time you are out there looking for a pressure washer or any other power tool for that matter such as a table saw or even a cordless drill, you have the minimal knowledge to get along with a fine purchase.

Like always, make sure you are asking your concerned retailer tons of questions. No question is a “stupid” question because you are entitled to knowing each and everything there is to know about your brand new product. In my experience, pressure washing tools are not a complicated breed of power tools; you have lesser number of parts and accessories to worry about.

However, a pressure washer does have its setbacks and advantages over any other particular model in the market. While it is easy to operate a pressure washer at any given day, it pays in tenfold if you really know your features, specs and how the overall usage can be “personalized” to offer the best cleaning experience.

Best Overal

Not really a reader? Well, don’t worry because Sun Joe SPX 3000 power washer is featured as our main highlight of the day. It’s lightweight, it has a high pressure rating and literally comes with thousands of glowing user reviews at different online retailer websites.

With that much amount of credibility and a boatload of user ratings, you will end up with a dependable pressure washer with high affordability, some great cleaning power, and next to minimum maintenance factor for years to come.

sun joe pressure washer
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How Power Tool Buzz Tested It's Pressure Washers?

We took the liberty of surveying the market for over 30 different models. Out of those 30, we narrowed down the list to a whopping 6! Yes, that’s right. Part of the reason is that our writers were not up for a write-up on more than six pressure washers. However, what’s more important is that we really wanted to recommend something worth your hard-earned money.

pressure washers

As a result, our exclusive recommended models offer a “pinpoint” precision towards affordability, durability, cleaning power and long term performance. I hope that this article is worth it, and that you do end up buying something based on our recommendations. Regardless, you can still purchase a totally different, or a closely related pressure washer on a whim or keep using your garden hose to clean your car. We won’t hold it against you.

Coming to the actual testing method, we measured how much pressure each washer yielded in pounds per square inch. This enabled us to get a higher score parallel to the actual PSI of the concerned model. Sounds complicated? Eh, well, you will get the hang of it as you continue to read on.

Apart from power metrics, I, alongside rest of the Powertoolbuzz staff, also measured the noise level. We are not much into measuring noise through decibel meters; instead we rely on auditory instincts wherever it feels easy. If something is too loud or noisy, you will feel that, wont you?

Some pressure washers are really loud – as in you are going to need protective gear for your ears. These are mostly industrial pressure washing types. On the contrary, home based pressure washers emit a generally bearable noise level, so as not to disturb neighbors and the actual user himself.

For Power vs. Performance dynamics, we used a red pinpoint precision nozzle. It is a dangerous tool, and should only be used by professionals. Anyhow, the precision nozzle attachment was used to point the pressure washer towards different plastic n’ metal parts.

We wanted to see how fast the laser like water beam can strip the paint off of those parts. The timing was also calculated and compared with different pressure washer models to see the level of efficiency.

During the final test phases, I just took a cursory analysis of extra add-on pressure washer features, side accessories and any other stuff that’d perk up the overall user experience. You should know that add-on features do not really affect the actual performance and cleaning power of any machine/ product; these features simply refine the experience, while also increasing value of the said product.

Warning about Red/ Zero Degree Nozzle

As mentioned earlier in this post, this nozzle is only meant for professionals or people who know what they are doing. Normally, home based pressure washers do not come with a zero degree nozzle as it is considered a dangerous accessory in the wrong hands.

pressure washer hose

So, what does this nozzle do? Simply put, it refines the water beam’s level to mimic a laser. Believe me, this water laser is so powerful that it can actually lacerate your limb or permanently damage the property surrounding the cleaning area. You should be extremely careful while using a zero degree nozzle.

Don’t forget to wear thick protective gear, heavy shoes and gloves if you are into zero degree nozzles. You should also know that these nozzles are not really recommended. If you haven’t read our ‘ Pressure Washer Buying Guide ’, you should definitely give it a read. It’ll give you some kind of perspective on where to start with a shopping spree on these things.

Let’s get started.

Best Electric

Sun Joe actually goes by the name of ‘Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Joe 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM 145 Amp Electric Pressure Washer’, but we’re not going to use that name. It’s too long, and isn’t very common in the market.

But if you are looking to check reviews on Sun Joe pressure washer, you should type down the exact product name with the correct model number.

Moving on, Sun Joe has culminated a staggering 5k+ reviews at Amazon – and that too for a very good reason. This electric pressure washer is scaled up against other models for competitive pricing and value driven features. You can also see on the box that the company is offering all the necessary accessories and power heads for a thorough cleaning experience.

sun joe pressure washer

Source: Sun Joe

Word of Advice: For a $150 pressure washer, Sun Joe Co. is unexpectedly offering 5 different nozzles. Yes, there is a Red zero degree nozzle in there too. I strongly recommend that you wear protective gear, and make sure that no one is standing near the cleaning area.

Normally, kids like to pile up around me when I am busy working with my power tools. With something as “effective” as a zero degree nozzle attached on the unit, I would not want any of my kids, or myself, to get injured out of the blue. You can read about this nozzle in detail by scrolling up.

Anyhow, the ‘SPX3000’ is laced with a nice visual appeal. You get a variant of green color, combined with jet-black sides and a high quality cleaning hose. For portability, they added wheels at the bottom, which makes it a hell of a lot easier to haul the pressure washer from one place to another as you go along.

Speaking of portability, the extension cable with approx. 35 Ft. length. Just make sure that while you are standing in water, the cable is not directly exposed to any water deposits. In case there is a minor cut anywhere on the cable and the actual wires are showing, they can send an electric shock without any forewarning or whatsoever.

Who Should Use A ‘Sun Joe SPX3000’ ?

In terms of pricing, this pressure washer is suitable for average homebased users who want to get by with cleaning jobs such as cleaning garages, washing cars, patios, and tough oil stains. A lot of muck deposits are so tough that they still remain inside the narrow lining where two bricks or patio boards meet. No matter how hard you try, this black residue is not easy to get rid of. This is where Sun Joe SPX3000’s 0 degree – 15 degree nozzles come in.

Ergonomics vs. Ease of Use

Sun Joe SPX3000 has a nice firm grip. The lance and trigger gun are not only lightweight, but they are positioned naturally at an angle where you don’t feel any strain on your wrists. As compared to a typical gas-powered, or fuel pressure washer, Sun Joe SPX 3000 is easy to start. Since it’s electric and only requires a switch to be flipped, you can turn on – shut off the machine on a whim.

best electric pressure washer

Source:Sun Joe

Cleaning driveways, garages and floor panels was a satisfying experience. Although this pressure washer is not as good as an industrial one, the results were okay thus far. I say so because industrial models can give a completely brand new look to bricks and stairways whenever they are power-washed.

In case you didn’t know, you can combine a mix of different detergents inside the detergent tank. It all depends on what kind of cleaning jobs you are looking to do.

A few spoons of surf are enough for cleaning bicycles and cars; you can use a proper detergent for that though. I also use a mildly dabbed diesel cloth and place it right next to the pressure washer nozzle when I am doing some kind of light work.

Noise Levels

Speaking of noise emission, the Sun Joe SPX3000 washer was practically noiseless. All I could hear was the satisfying sound of water beam falling on different objects. The motor and pump were quiet despite of the 2000+ PSI rating.

Durability is So-So

To be honest, we have seen better quality when it comes to pressure washer durability. The build is mostly plastic + metal, which is why you need to be extra cautious when attaching the pipe in the plastic fitting. The overall quality of plastic is very good, but it can break anytime.

Over long term use – i.e. several years and months, you will notice the plastic parts could lose their color. This happens when the atmosphere and extreme temperatures suck out the moisture from the plastic. As a result, the plastic body parts can easily break and crack. Regardless, for an affordable electric pressure washer, I am willing to overlook these little caveats.

Sun Joe Pros & Cons

  • PRO
  • CON
  • Comes with 5 different attachment nozzles.
  • Offers an extension cord with 35 Ft. length for easy maneuverability and movement across the job-site.
  • They have a remarkable customer service. They don’t take days, or weeks to handle replacement claims, warranty repairs or anything as minimal as a customer complaint.
  • Lance length stretches up to 34 inches.
  • Detergent selection dial helps users to mix detergents inside the pressure washer tank.
  • Comparatively lightweight as compared to other power washers in the market.
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Next up on our list of best pressure washers is the Karcher K5 premium series power washer. As an electric power washer fan, I’d say that this Karcher unit is useful but it is not that good to fall in love with. However, a number of reasons and perks blipped this model on our radar, which is why it was shortlisted in this article.

Overall, my experience with gas powered and electric pressure washers dates back to several years. If I am not able to make something out of any model, I ask the staff members at Power Tool Buzz for their opinion. Karcher K5 Premium, in this sense, was a bit of a different pressure washer for me.

On the outside, it has all the features that you can expect from an electric unit, such as, but not limited to:

karcher pressure washer


  • 1.4 Gallons Per Minute Cleaning Efficiency
  • Patio Cleaning
  • Pavement, Stairwell, Brick Cleaning … (To some extent because the results may vary)
  • Car Washing
  • Motorcycle and Bicycle Washing

Here’s the doozy; they added the signature Karcher Vario Wand. The wand is just a different name for the lance, whereas it’s actual use is the same. However, Karcher Co. added a bit of a twist in the equation. They wanted to increase performance and personalization for users who want to take control in their own hands.

How does that work? The Vario wand can be twisted in clockwise and anticlockwise motion to increase or decrease the pressure of the water beam. Although, this feature seems useful, but it turned out to be pretty cumbersome for me. For instance, it took me approx. 20 minutes to assemble the washer for the first time. It would have been 10 minutes, if the wand sat properly, but nay….

The vario wand can also take time for you to adjust the water pressure. Since you are not really using different nozzles, it will take a bit of practice to get to that actual “twist” where the pressure is just perfect. For a $200 pressure washer, the K5 Premium is okay, and comes off as a highly recommended product for budget conscious cleaning aficionados.

Overall Cleaning

Here’s an interesting fact, we actually used two different Karcher electric pressure washers to narrow down the results. We used Karcher K5 Premium in comparison against the Karcher K5 740 to see which one was actually outperforming the other model. Also, the overall number of features of both of these pressure washers is generally the same, which made it kind of difficult for us to determine which product was worth recommending.

The criterion was the same, i.e. measure of cleanliness, performance and overall durability. Starting with cleaning ability, the K5 model went to a farther range of objects and surfaces with more thoroughness.

We tried the Vario Nozzle customization for cleaning a blacked out pavement and the results were phenomenal. The only issue was to adjust the nozzle’s pressure output to a point where it can effectively dislodge the years old grime layer.

Who Should Use Karcher K5 Premium Power Pressure Washer?

In terms of application, this pressure washer can be used for general level cleaning tasks. I have already mentioned them earlier. Precisely speaking, you are doling out results out of 1.4 GPM speed at a maximum of 2000 PSI. you can expect to wash cars, clean garages, floor panels and such other things with the help of this Karcher pressure washer.

karcher electric pressure washer

Karcher K5 Premium Box Shot

On the upside, Vario wand is something new. It was received by consumers with mixed range of reviews to show for. I am more of a nozzles guy because I like to know the exact angle of water projection. Plus, it makes it easier to stick to that angle because of the nozzle.

To get the best results, you should first coat the entire cleaning area with a detergent solution. Use a wider soap spray angle to cover the concerned surface with the detergent. Wait for a minute or two for the detergent particles to sink in, and then twist the Vario wand for maximum pressure.

Karcher Build Quality

For an upright pressure washer, we were expecting this Karcher model to have outstanding build quality. The reason being the fact that upright vacuum cleaners, shop vacs and power pressure washers can easily tip over and fall due to hose pressure and accidents. For this very reason, the concerned product should have remarkable build quality to withstand any cracks that may come as part of the impact.

Karcher K5 Premium not only loses balance on seemingly flat surfaces, but to add insult to the injury, the quality is subpar. I attribute the lack of better build material to the affordability factor. In case you are being extra cautious with using the Karcher K5 electric power washer, you should be okay.

However, breakage and damage to any machinery are an inevitable part of the equation. Should that happen, you will only get replacement parts from Karcher Co. Aftermarket parts cannot be used with this model of Karcher pressure washer.

Karcher Co. Customer Support

Customer support is the least favorite and the most dreaded channel for any buyer out there. Normally, people don’t want to contact customer support because they expect their products to work as advertised. But you can’t really avoid running into technical issues that only a support agent can solve. This will happen to you at some point while actively using the Karcher K5 Premium pressure washer.

The good thing is that Karcher Co. is one of the few remaining companies who have an actual U.S. based customer support channel. Whenever you will call them, there will be an American agent on the other side of the line – not an Indian or a Philipino with a voice script to follow.

The support staff is good; we made a prank call just to see if Karcher agents knew stuff about company products. At no point, did I, or any of the Power Tool Buzz staff members feel that the issue won't be rectified. On top of that, the company is offering a full 1-year warranty on this Karcher K5 model and any other pressure washers as long as you are making a brand new purchase. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about.

Karcher Pros & Cons

  • PRO
  • CON
  • Karcher Co. is offering 1-year parts, repairs and replacement warranty on Karcher K5 Premium Power Pressure Washer.
  • Comes with a revolutionary Vario wand for personalized experience.
  • Quick connect mechanism for easy product assembly.
  • Built-in water cooling system for long term unparalleled use.
  • Offers on board integrated storage bay for storing tools, accessories and detergent bottles etc.
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simpson pressure washer

Yes, this bad boy is gas powered, and no, it doesn’t have anything to do with ‘The Simpsons’ TV series. Past that, you are looking at a marvelous unit with an innate ability to clean a long range of surfaces, objects and vice versa. I’d say it is a shame to use the MSH3125 unit for car and bike washing because it is built for a higher purpose.

Having said that, a lot of users have undermined Simpson Co. for its poor service. I will get to that in a while; don’t worry about it. Overall, there’s no tedium, hassle or anything associated with the MSH3125 model S series if you are looking for a reliable pressure washer from long term use perspective. Some people have even passed it on to their younger generations – it comes down to how good you are with the maintenance factor.

First Time Setup

Since this is a gas-powered pressure washer, set up is a little different as compared to a regular electric unit. Assuming that you bought a brand new unit, your order of the Simpson MSH3125 pressure washer will come with the following accessories and items.

simpson pressure washer


  • Simpson Pressure washer unit
  • Trigger gun
  • Hose
  • 5 quick connect nozzles
  • Simpson Official instructions manual
  • Lance, Wand or whatever you may like to call it
  • Detergent siphon tube with a dedicated detergent filter
  • Engine oil bottle/ canister
  • Quick start setup guide (This one is different from the owner’s instructions manual)

First time users should also know that there is a chance that the unit may arrive without all the parts and accessories. In case, the checklist doesn’t vet out, you should immediately contact Simpsons Co. customer support channel. Since people are not happy with how the company handles their customers, there is an easy and effective way to overcome that hurdle.

If you are ordering through an online intermediary, such as; Amazon, you should have no issues with parts and replacements. Just be fair, and don’t try to take extra advantage of the situation. Anyhow, Amazon handles replacement cases really well. We wanted to give the customer support channel a shot, so we filed a missing parts claim with Amazon. Some of the parts were legit missed with our order that’s why.

The next day, a friendly lady called one of the Power Tool Buzz associates, and she was more than happy to take the order number for quick processing. The entire conversation took about 5 to 6 minutes, and that was it. The following day, the missing parts arrived.

Therefore, for those users who have issues dealing with customer support agents at Simpson Cleaning Co., just go through an online retailer website when you are buying the pressure washer for the first time.

Additional Reasons to Buy The Cleaning MSH3125- S Series

Aside from being awesome, there are many other reasons to go for the MSH3125 gas  pressure washer. Some of them are stated below:

  • If it is your first time buying a gas operated pressure washer, this Simpson unit houses a Honda engine! Honda is a widely recognized company and they really show their true colors when it comes to lawn mower and pressure washer machine engines. These engines are reliable and work for years on end.
  • This model houses minimal plastic parts; the majority of the product unit is metal made. Also, since this is a gas powered unit, it has a lot of extra weight that can cause plastic parts to break off easily.

gas pressure washer

Source: Simpson

  • Among other products that we discussed in this review, most of the gas pressure washers had a vertical engine build style. The units had vertical crank shaft engines, where the water pump was housed underneath the engine.

As a result, it was difficult for me, and other Power Tool Buzz members to reach down and connect the hoses. On the contrary, model MSH3125 has a horizontal engine shaft, where the water pump is installed in the back. It makes it all the more easier to connect hoses and disconnect them at whim.

  • This one also has a metal frame surrounding the core unit. This frame protects the engine, pump and other important parts from accidental damage. In worst case scenario, the unit could fall. Had the frame not been there in the first place, you’d be looking at a massive repair bill.
  • Another solid reason to buy the Simpson MSH3125 over other gas powered pressure washers is the location of the muffler. Most of the models I saw had their mufflers installed next to the hose storage point, or the water pump.

The hose would melt after few weeks of rigorous use. Simpson Cleaning Co., installed the muffler up front, whereas the hose and pump are in the back. In addition, the company also shielded the muffler for added protection against unforeseen injuries etc.

  • Last, but not the least, this Simpson pressure washer has a brass made pump head. In case you didn’t know, brass is far more resilient when it comes to overall toughness and anti-oxidization. In majority of the cases, many other power washers had aluminum pump heads. Aluminum may be shiny, but it is weak. As a result, you will run into permanent hardware damage concerning soft threads, stripping and etc.

Ease of Use

Right off the bat, you’d want to start your Simpson Cleaning MSH3125. Of course, in order to do that, the engine rip cord needs to be pulled. Fortunately, the company devs added a long cord – so that it doesn’t strain neck muscles. At the same time, the cord is tight and requires an overall less number of attempts to bring the engine to life.

Other than that, most of the basic stuff is easy. If you are not able to make sense of any attachment nut, or anything in particular, please refer to the MSH3125 S user instructions manual.

Why Didn’t We Select The Simpson Cleaning MSH3125-S As The Best Pressure Washer?

You know, this is a part where we had a lot of debate. Some of the Power Tool Buzz writers and reviewers really wanted to select this tool as the main highlight in our pressure washer review. I differed on the basis of it being a gas based pressure washer. Also, another reason is that the affordability margin is not high; with over $300, you don’t get to see every other customer going for this pressure washer.

Nonetheless, this is a great pressure washer in its own league, and if you are not going for the recommended model in ‘Our Pick of the Day’ section, you should give this bad boy a shot. Sure, it is ugly and looks like a steam machine, but it works as advertised and doesn’t require that much from new users.

The Maintenance Factor

Since this is a gas pressure washer, you will have several run in with hardware issues. However, if you are keeping up with few basic maintenance rituals, there should be no issue in the long run. I don’t know why people assume that their power tool will continue to operate magically for several years.

electric pressure washer


You should know that there is an engine in there. Engines require oiling and a bit of care for overall  performance. Feed the engine, take care of the dust and do basic cleaning and you are in good hands. Here are some of the most important points concerning Simpson pressure washer maintenance.

  • Make sure that you are regularly replacing the old engine oil with new one. First time users get a bottle of oil with their brand new order of the Simpson Cleaning MSH3125 pressure washer.

In case you have run out of motor oil and are looking for a replacement bottle, make sure that you are pouring in the exact amount of recommended engine oil as mentioned in the pressure washer’s instructions manual.

Too much oil can cause leakage and permanent damage to the engine. Likewise, filling the engine below the recommended engine oil amount will cause the pistons to produce more friction and overheat.

  • The spark plug needs to be changed if the Simpson MSH3125 pressure washer is not starting. Usually spark plugs don’t require a change, but you should keep an extra plug with you, and change the old one regardless after few months.
  • Make sure you are cleaning the MSH3125 air filter, and replacing it if necessary.
  • Simpson Cleaning Co. recommends that you use a particular fuel brand or an equivalent type for optimal pressure washer engine performance.

Power Vs. Application

With a combination of brass axial pump head and high quality, the Simpson MSH3125 can pelt out a maximum of 3,000+ PSI. At this much pressure, you can hone the water beam’s output to clean car interiors, household furniture, driveways, garages, brick pavements and vice versa.

I also mentioned that you get 5 different nozzle heads – and yes, one of them is a zero degree precision head for thorough results. Once again, safety comes first, which is why you need to wear protective gear for your own well being.

Anyhow, it is advisable that you stick to 20 and 40-degree nozzle heads for better results. At 15 and 0 degree, the water’s focus is too constricted which may increase the thoroughness, but it will take you a long time duration to clean a single patch.

Simpson Pros & Cons

  • PRO
  • CON
  • Comes with 5 quick connect nozzles with varying angles. There is also a soap nozzle for spray effect cleaning.
  • Simpson Cleaning MSH3125-S also has an integrated on board storage bay for tools, accessories and detergent bottle storage.
  • Also has a siphoning tube for detergent handling.
  • Base has 10 inch diameter pneumatic premium quality tires.
  • Thermal relief valve with unloader system.
  • Brass cam axial pump head for long-term durability.
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Generac 7019 OneWash runs closely against Simpson Cleaning MSH3125-S, but there are a few minor differences here and there. It is also due to those special “differences” that we decided to rate this model a little lower as compared to the Simpson Cleaning Co. pressure washer.

 At its core, Generac 7019 OneWash series unit is categorized as a gas powered pressure washer. While it does mean that you need to take care of the engine, fuel and various other things associated with this product, it can yield benefitting results in return.

generac pressure washer


As compared to the Simpson pressure washer, this Generac model has a 2.4 GPM limit instead of 2.5. both units have more or less the same PSI, but with the added difference of 190CC engine on this beast. Simpson’s pressure washer engine is not only Honda manufactured, but it’s power is slightly less as compared to this Generac 7019 OneWash model.

You will be amazed to know that despite of inferior specifications, this pressure washer has a higher value price ticket as compared to Simpson’s. I like to associate this with the fact that they probably wanted a decent profit margin because otherwise, there’s no solid reason to increase the unit’s price.

Why Did We Shortlist Generac 7019 OneWash Pressure Washer?

For starters, there is an axial cam pump which has remarkable build quality. I won’t spoil the surprise for you – you’re going to have to find out yourself. In addition, this pressure washer houses a dial style pressure selection nozzle.

hot water pressure washer


Remember the part where I mentioned a Vario Wand in the Karcher K5 unit? Well, Generac 7019 OneWash used the same concept, but with the exception of a dial. The dial moves along a preset scale – and given that the gun style is pretty cool, you won’t be disappointed with the selected pressure reading.

As compared to other models, Generac 7019 OneWash had a low water consumption rating. We still had a lot of reserve water by the time we completed the test. It is a good thing because water is a scarce resource and should not be used carelessly. Imagine all the areas of the world where they don’t have clean drinking water. How about turning off that hose, or buying a pressure washer that doesn’t use a lot of water?

Further down the list, Generac 7019 OneWash houses anti-flat pneumatic ties. They are mostly rubber, which means that they won’t get punctured anytime soon. The least that could happen is the rubber cracking up after years of use, or stationary storage of the Generac pressure washer unit in one place without any use at all!

Auto Alert System

Last but not the least, there is a low oil, low water and low detergent alert system in the Generac 7019 OneWash model. Simpson Cleaning Co.’s model did not have an auto system; you had to manually check the engine oil level.

In my opinion, the manual method is still good because I can not only see the thickness/ color of the oil in use, but also it gives me an exact estimate of the actual oil level inside the engine. Anyhow, if you are into “auto” features, Generac 7019 OneWash has it.

It utilizes an LED indicator to keep you on top of water level, tank pressure and oil level. It is a useful feature as long as the LED is functioning. So don’t get too used to it!

Generac Pros & Cons

  • PRO
  • CON
  • Features Generac Co. signature pressure selection mechanism.
  • Boasts of a 196 CC engine.
  • Has an overall user friendly design for added convenience.
  • Assembly is overall easy as compared to other models within the same price range.
  • Handles lower water pressures on low reserves really well.
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Best Budget

Spick n’ span, Greenworks GPW1602 Pressure Washer comes as one of the highly recommended products in this post. Reason being is the super low price tag (90 bucks, duh!) and decent specs, you can at least be sure of using this unit extensively for indoor and outdoor purpose.

greenworks pressure washer


However, I should also stress upon the fact that you should keep your expectations low. For an affordable electric power washer, don’t expect it to offer a bundle of accessories and other supporting items.

Speaking of accessories, Greenworks GPW1602 unit comes with only three nozzle heads. Yep, that’s about it. You get your turbo, soap and a 40 degree nozzle. The turbo’s angle is not 0 degree, which is a good thing as long as personal safety is concerned. On the contrary, you are also limited to a nozzle which isn’t exactly “turbo”.

Word of Advice

As a first time user, make sure that the hose is screwed tightly at both ends. Some users said that they could attach wheels to this Greenworks unit, but that’s not highly recommended. Since this is an upright unit without wheels, my best advice would be to use it as it is. Wheels can also cause the pressure washer to tip over and fall easily.

More importantly, the power cord needs to be manually wrapped around the unit when you are done working. We generally liked those pressure washers that had an in built winding motor for the power cord. The extra cord could be automatically pulled in with the push of a button.

greenworks electric pressure washer


On a scale of 1 – 10, Greenworks GPW1602 gets a 9 rating for being an ideal pressure washer for light duty work. It’s induction motor is powerful enough (13 Amps) for drawing out stable water pressure. 1600 PSI is not ideal, but it is okay if you are looking to pulverize grime. The recommended Psi against grime is 1950 PSI just in case you were wondering.

To help save water reserves, Green Works Co., being the environmental friendly company, has set the water delivery rate for this pressure washer at 1.2 Gallons Per Minute. This way, you will not end up wasting too much water over trivial tasks as washing cars and bikes.

On the bright side, Green Works has been known for creating dependable power tools. I reviewed their chainsaw because it was environmental friendly and combined a variety of necessary features at the cost of an overall low price ticket. There is also a built in soap – surf tank and a foam sprayer for those who extensively clean metal objects, cars and vice versa.

Greenworks Pros & Cons

  • PRO
  • CON
  • Great pricing: You can easily buy a couple of Greenworks electric pressure washers if you are looking to start a cleaning business as a contractor.
  • Comes with GreenWorks Co. warranty for budget conscious users who cannot afford to spend money on laborious parts and repairs.
  • Sleek compact design with only 17.5 Lbs weight!
  • Power cord and lance allow users to reach across distances of 30+ Ft. easily.
  • Environmental friendly with minimal exhaust fume emission rate.
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Closing Thoughts On The Best Pressure Washer

Our selection criterion for pressure washers was scaled against affordability, general usage trend; as in the common types of users who use these products and durability. Therefore, it is not necessary for you to take this guide like a testament; feel free to improvise and consult with other users who have actually used a pressure washer.

If you are looking for the best pressure washer online, then you need to go through verified user reviews, and connect with former product users at different forums. These are the kinds of people who will mostly enlighten you with an unbiased opinion on which pressure washer works, whether it should be used for the kinds of tasks you have in mind and vice versa. Thanks for reading our pressure washer review and don’t forget to share your experiences through the comments section below.

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