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Best Angle Grinder In 2024 Review

best angle grinder review

The Best Angle Grinder in 2024 - Your Complete Angle Grinding Guide

Don't Have Time To Read Our Best Angle Grinder Reviews? Here Is Our Top Choice

dewalt angle grinder

If you are busy and don’t have the time to read our best angle grinder post, we chose the Dewalt DWE402 model as our top choice. This powerful angle grinder comes with a 3 year warranty and weighs only 6.05 lbs. This 4 1/2 inch Dewalt grinder is an impressive tool that runs at a speed of 11,000 RPM. The DWE402 has a very sturdy build and ergonomic design that can handle any grinding task if you put it to the test.

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Angle grinders are easily found at construction sites, metalwork shops and auto shops. They are handy tools that you just can’t lack in your tool arsenal. An angle grinder can come in handy, especially when trying to remove burrs, rust, cutting through masonry work, stripping off paint or cutting through concrete.

There are so many angle grinders on the market today, but most of the quality grinders often come with a hefty price tag. The low-cost options are often prone to wear and tear. If you consider the amount of power required to brush or cut tiles, concrete and metal, you will realize that low-cost angle grinders can’t handle the workload without breaking down. Read on....

Quick Comparison


NO Load Speed


Wheel diameter


Check Price

Dewalt DWE 402

11.000 RPM

 6.05 lbs.

4.5 inch

3 years

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Bosch 1375A

11.000 RPM

3.75 lbs.

4.5 inch.

1 year

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Makita 9557PBX1

11.000 RPM

4.5 lbs.

3.5 inch

1 year

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Ryobi P421 One+

6500 RPM

4.8 lbs.

4.5 inch.

3 years

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Porter Cable PC60TPAG

11.000 RPM

6 lbs.

4.5 inch.

3 years

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Milwaukee 2680-20

9000 RPM

5.64 lbs.

4.5 inch

5 years

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Our Top 6 Best Angle Grinders for 2024

The best angle grinders are not always the most expensive, sometimes all you need to do is buy the right tool for the tasks that you are likely to handle. Preferably, choose one that is built to last and gets the job done quickly.

An angle grinder is the one tool that you don’t want to miss as it speeds up your tasks. For instance, how fast can you cut thick steel using a hacksaw? How fast can file off rough edges on a steel door using a file? You can do it with any these tools but it would take less time if you were to use an angle grinder.

Generally, these tools are classified according to the nominal diameter of their accessories. Angle grinders are equipped with cutting and grinding attachments which are often described as abrasive. These accessories have particles that are bonded either onto a disk or wheel. The material used to make the wheel and the design of the wheel/disk is highly dependent on the application.

As the wheel/disk spins, the abrasive particles on the wheel scrapes away material. Eventually, the particles break from their bonds exposing new particles. This means that the more you use your angle grinder the more the disk or wheel wears out until it is too small that it’s not useful anymore.

best angle grinder reviews

Types of Angle Grinders

There are different angle grinders for different tasks; each type is suitable for certain tasks which we will discuss later on in this review. That said, it is vital to know the different types and the tasks they perform as it will help you choose the best angle grinder for the task at hand.

  • Electric
  • Some of the most popular angle grinders are powered electricity. They are equipped with a cord that connects them to a power socket. This comes at a disadvantage since it limits the range you can use the electric angle grinder. Fortunately, you can always use an extension to increase the range.
  • Electric angle grinders are available in a wide range of voltages, which depends on the amount of power you will need to complete your project. They are mostly used at construction sites where heavy-duty jobs are common.
  • Battery
  • Cordless tools tend to be more practical and convenient especially in areas where you have to keep moving about. We have worked with some of the best cordless orbital sanders and they were magnificent, they felt great in the hand. The reason we are touching on cordless orbital sanders is just to give you a feel of how cordless tools work.
  • Cordless angle grinders are battery powered which means that you don’t have to work in close proximity to a socket. Battery powered grinders make it easy to work on areas that would be difficult to work on with an electric angle grinder. For example, it is not easy to use an electric angle grinder in high locations but it is easy to work on the same area with a cordless angle grinder.
  • You can purchase two batteries such that while you working with one battery, the second battery is charging. When you drain the first battery, you swap it with the second and you continue working.
  • Pneumatic
  • There is a version that is powered by compressed air. The only downside with pneumatic angle grinders is that they are small in size, which means that the power produced might not be sufficient for heavy duty tasks.
  • Petrol
  • Petrol powered grinders are a great alternative to cordless ones. They are often large in size making them suitable for industrial uses. However, for industrial tasks, you will be required to have an adequate supply of petrol to complete the task.

What are some of the angle grinder wheels available?

Angle grinders can’t function without certain accessories, which also includes wheels. The main types include; the standard grinding wheel, the wire wheel, the cutoff wheel and the flap disc. Angle grinder wheels are classified as consumables since they can only run for so long until they require replacements.

angle grinder
  • The Grinding Wheel

The standard grinding wheel is your go-to wheel for fast metal removal. You can use a grinding wheel to clean up cuts, prepare metal for welding or grind out welds. They are known to produce large, hot sparks, which will easily melt into glass or burn holes in clothing.

  • Flap Disc

After you are done cleaning up cuts or grinding out welds, you then use a flap disc to smoothen the surface. The flap disc cleans up burrs unlike the standard grinding wheel which makes the burr.

Flap discs are available in different grits; coarse grits are suitable for rough work while higher grits are best suited for fine work. Flap discs are commonly used in heavy-duty finishing work. It is advisable the flap disc on exposed corners and edges of metal that is likely to be handled by people with unprotected hands.

  • The Cutoff wheel

Cutoff wheels are relatively thinner than their grinding counterparts and are best used to cut out welds, shorten bolts or cut plate and sheet metal. The only part of the wheel that is used is the edge. This is because the wheel is so thin such that if the face front or back face is used it will weaken the fibers holding together the wheel.

The thin frame of the cutoff wheel allows it to cut metal faster than other angle grinder wheels. They also tend to shatter very easily so be careful when using a cutoff wheel.

  • The wire wheel

Now, this is one is for cleaning rust and paint. You will find that the more abrasive the wire wheel is the thicker and more twisted its bristles will be. Straight and thin bristles tend to be less abrasive which might not be sufficient for fast rust and or paint removal. Straight bristle wire wheels are best used on die grinders and power drill attachments.

Other wheels/ discs worth mentioning are diamond discs, wood discs and grit disc.

Dewalt is a company that needs no introduction, they are market leaders in the power tools industry. It is a trusted brand with quality and powerful tools to its name. We have reviewed several Dewalt products in the past such as their circular saws and table saws, another one of these products is the DeWalt angle grinder.

The DeWalt angle grinder is equipped with a powerful 11 Amp motor that boasts of 11,000 rpm, which is just the right amount of power for heavy-duty use. In fact, its power to weight ratio is unparalleled. In addition to that, the DWE402 features the one-touch guard that eases the operations. It makes it easy for you to have a closer look of how the DeWalt unit works with its 360-degree rotation.


How does the DWE402 hold up in the usual day-to-day tasks? The brand Dewalt assures you of quality products and the DWE402 is no exception. Dewalt has the perfect combination of sturdy plastic and heavy-duty metal, which ensures that your angle grinder can handle vigorous grinding jobs without breaking down.

Dewalt Grinder Power

The DWE402 packs an 11 Amp motor with the capacity to rotate at 11,000 revolutions per minute. For its size, the DWE402 is surely powerful. The motor is powerful enough to undertake small to medium tasks. The DWE402 runs at 1.8 horsepower and has an auto-off brush that helps save on battery life and reduce chances of tool damage.

dewalt angle grinder


DWE402 Size

This Dewalt angle grinder is the right size, it is not too big and neither is it too small. It undoubtedly heavier than similar small models as it weighs about 6 pounds. When we tried it out, we didn’t even notice the weight such that welding on the fly was a breeze. The tool was portable and allowed us enough flexibility to focus on the intricate details without worrying if the additional weight would damage the finer details of the metal.

Its power to weight ratio is impressive and if the DWE402 model was any smaller it would probably make the grinding process difficult. But as it now stands, the DWE402 model performs as expected.

Dewalt Dust Ejection System

The Dewalt 4 1 2 angle grinder is equipped with an ejection system that protects the internal mechanisms from dust build up which ensures that the performance of the angle grinder is not disrupted. The dust ejection system also helps to keep your workstation clean and tidy. 

dewalt 4 1 2 angle_grinder


Quick Change Wheel

Changing a grinding wheel is not easy especially if you have used other tools to unwind the screws before you can swap the wheels. Fortunately for you, the DWE402 has made it easier by adding the quick change wheel. Not only does this quick change wheel make it easier to change the wheel without using tools but it also shortens the time spent.

Dewalt Paddle Switch

The addition of a paddle switch is a huge relieve since it is a lock off system that helps prevent accidents that could easily end up with you being hurt.

Dewalt Pros & Cons

  • PRO
  • CON
  • Cleanliness: the dust ejection system helps keep your work place tidy.
  •  It is built with impeccable precision which makes it suitable for both commercial and home use.
  • At 6 pounds, the DWE402 should be portable and allow you enough flexibility to move around.
  • It does not overheat easily. It can be used for hours without any signs of overheating.

The DWE402 angle grinder has an impressive design and loads of features. It is ideal for professionals especially if you are working on heavy-duty jobs. It can also be used for DIY projects at home. The DWE402 has a 3-year warranty which covers poor workmanship and materials.

Overall, this Dewalt angle grinder is a great tool to work with, you can go for hours without overheating.

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While small angle grinders tend to feel under powered compared to the larger grinders, Makita aims to disrupt this perception by introducing the 9557PB angle grinder. A small angle grinder that’s powered by a large motor that can handle small tasks with speed and power of a large grinder.

The Design

It is a 4 ½” grinder that combines a compact barrel-shaped motor housing with a small metal gearbox. It has a front handle that is easily installed on any side of the tool, where it screws in tightly providing you a firm grip. And is well positioned to allow a direct line of sight on whatever you are working on without having to strain.

Like earlier mentioned in this review, the Makita angle grinder has a compact barrel-shaped motor housing that’s made of hard plastic while the shaft and the gearbox are made of metal. All it components are hard wearing.

Makita Paddle Switch

The Makita angle grinder is turned on or off by pressing the large paddle switch that’s built into the barrel. The paddle switch is large enough such that it is easy to grip and hold down with your fingers. It also has a guard switch that is built into the paddle switch to prevent the paddle from engaging when it is not in use. This means you have to pull the guard forward so that you can unlock the paddle. Once the paddle switch is unlocked you can press it down to turn on the grinder. The guard switch is tiny which means you can only engage it with your pinky finger.

It takes some time to get used to releasing the guard then pressing the paddle switch all in one smooth motion. But once you get the hang of it, handling the grinder becomes second nature.

makita angle grinder reviews


Black Guard

The guard is connected to the angle grinder via a steel compression fitting that is mounted around its shaft hosing where it is locked in place by a single screw. And screw secures the guard and keeps it locked in place without slipping or moving about.

The guard does an incredible job catching the sparks thus protecting you from any sparks would have come your way if the guard was not there. Those that are not collected, they are ejected downwards or to the side but towards you. The blade guard is heavy-duty and performs as exceptionally well.

The Makita 9557PB has a steel blade that rotates around the mount. It can be can be locked in any position. Its guard can accommodate a ½ inch cutting wheel.


At the end of the barrel you will find a lock-on feature that’s designed to lock the paddle in position. This helps to keep the motor engaged even after stop pressing the paddle switch. To disengage this feature you have to squeeze to release the paddle.

Disk changes on the Makita Angle Grinder

For most grinders, blade changing is not an easy task and neither is it easy to change a disc on the Makita 9557PB angle grinder. The 9557PB has a spindle lock button that secures the spindle in place. For you to remove the nut that secures the blade, you will need to use a grinder wrench.

The process might sound easy but it still does it make it less annoying. If you plan on using different sets of blades then go for an angle grinder with a hassle free disc change.

Grinder In Use

Even when the Makita 9557PB is not in use, you can tell it is powerful. It has a voltage rating of 120V and a maximum speed of 10,000 revolutions per minute. It has a 7 ½ Amp motor that is built for heavy-duty use. The 9557PB cuts through heavy steel without showing any signs of slowing down or overheating. Throughout our test period, the motor didn’t slow down even once.

One handed cuts are also a breeze as it only weighs 4.5 lbs.

makita 9577PBX1


Makita Pros & Cons

  • PRO
  • CON
  • Strong build
  • High speed
  • Easy to operate

The Makita 9557PB 4 ½” product is a tool that offers you great value for your money. It works well but you be careful not to overwork it as it may start overheating if used for too long. Also, you will start to notice the weight if you use it for long periods. The motor generates enough power to complete small to medium work without straining or sounding overworked. It also has a dual power option (AC/DC) that allows you to use it places with direct and/ or alternating current.

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Angle Grinder Reviews Video

Angle grinders are not your everyday tool, they are specialist tools. Ryobi has mastered the art of making quality products at a pocket-friendly price. The Ryobi 18V is a good example of this as provides 6500 rpm making it ideal for precision cutting and speed.

ryobi angle grinder


Its trigger switch is located near the handle making it easy for you to change the power according to the task at hand. This gives you the ultimate control over how your machine works. With one press of a trigger you can increase or decrease the power and it is all in the handle. The Ryobi 18V is a cordless angle grinder; however, batteries are not included so you have to buy them separately. Fortunately for you, it is compatible with batteries and chargers in the Ryobi system.

The handle is made of Ryobi GripZone overmold- a material that helps improve comfort levels even when held for extended periods of time. It is also adjustable allowing you to choose the best position for better control when grinding or cutting. The handle has three adjustable positions and they are don’t require the use of tools. Just like the handle, the wheel guard is also adjustable and is tool free.

This Ryobi grinder is part of Ryobi’s One+ range, a system that comprises of cordless power tools with interchangeable batteries. The system has 35+ garden and power tools that all use the same type of batteries which is an advantage especially if you own more than one Ryobi One+ tool. It reduces you battery replacement cost as you can interchange the batteries any time one fails or drains down. All these tools use Lithium-Ion batteries that provide you with 18V of power which is enough to complete the task at hand.

ryobi 18V One+ angle grinder


Ryobi Pros & Cons

  • PRO
  • CON
  • Affordable
  • Interchangeable batteries
  • 3 adjustable handling positions
  • Ryobi GripZone overmould

The Ryobi unit is a grinder that tries to bridge the gap entry-level and pro-level angle grinders. It is worth checking out.

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Best Cordless

Milwaukee is one of our favorite brands due to a number of reasons but the main one remains to be its cordless angle grinders such as the 2680-20 model.

Milwaukee Grinder Battery

Since the Milwaukee 2680-20 is cordless it is powered by a Li-Ion battery with a voltage rating of 18V. The battery is connected to a 4 pole motor that rotates the disc at 9,000 revolutions per minute. The only downside is that the angle grinder does not come with grinding wheels or discs. Which means you have to buy them separately.

Milwaukee Paddle Switch

The location of the paddle switch greatly influences your positioning when working with an angle grinder. The better the paddler switch is positioned the more comfortable you will be working with the tool. For example, if the paddle switch is located further down the body you are more likely to enjoy better control. Paddle switches eliminate the need to use a lock-on button, which is actually much safer.

If you accidentally drop your angle grinder or lose control, it is better if the switch disengages immediately you let go. The Milwaukee 2680-20 angle grinder has a paddle switch design that shuts off immediately it you stop pressing onto the switch.

Tool-less accessory changes

It sucks having to use 2 or more tools just to change a wheel or disc. Milwaukee aims to reduce this providing with an angle grinder that does require any tool to change the wheel. You simply apply pressure on the wheel lock, pull in the direction of its spin and the wheel comes off.


The Milwaukee angle grinder has three adjustable handling positions. One at the top, another at the right hand side and the last one on the left hand side.

milwaukee angle grinder


Milwaukee Performance

Angle grinders are mostly used by masons, metalworkers, welders and any other professionals. We decided to test the performance of the Milwaukee grinder when handling the basic angle grinder tasks. And to our surprise it held up pretty considering it has a maximum speed of 9,000 rpm. We were able to cut threaded rod, copper pipes as well as remove brick mortar with ease.

The angle grinder is powered by a 3 Amp motor which is powerful enough for small tasks but not heavy-duty jobs.

Milwaukee Pros & Cons

  • PRO
  • CON
  • L-shaped vents to keep out debris
  • Paddle switch design
  • Has overload protection
  • Burst resistant guard

Overall it is a great tool but there are better products with more power and better battery capacities.

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Best Budget

The Bosch angle grinder is a multipurpose tool that is designed to sharpen, deburr, brush, sand and grind. It is a small angle grinder that is easy to use in tight spaces or corners. It is designed with the utmost comfort in mind and it is powerful enough to rival some of the bigger models.

Bosch Grinder Features

The Bosch unit features a dual-position handle that allows you to hold your angle grinder in a more natural position, which makes the operation as seamless as possible. It weighs only 3.5 lbs making it the lightest grinder in this review. It so lightweight that you will not have to contend with sore wrists or tired arms due to longs hours of work.

The 1375A grinder has a lock-on feature that allows you to continue grinding even after you let go the off and on switch. The button is located on the side making it easy for you to turn it on or off at a moment’s notice.

Bosch Versatility

It has a 6 Amp motor that generates enough power to operate at a maximum speed of 11,000 revolutions per minute. And although it has a small build, it tears through masonry projects with ease. When paired with dry diamond cutting wheels, you can use the Bosch angle grinder to cut tiles, stones and even brick. It uses are many all you need is swap the wheel for one that’s appropriate for the project at hand.

It also has an adjustable spindle that allows you to use the angle grinder with a wide range of attachments and accessories. The addition of a spindle lock makes it easy for you to change the wheels without the need to use tools.  The whole process is tool free and hassle free.

bosch angle grinder

Source :Bosch

Bosch Pros & Cons

  • PRO
  • CON
  • It is powerful and versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Dual position side handle
  • Spindle lock for hassle free wheel change
  • Lock-on/off switch

The Bosch angle grinder might be small but its power and versatility is like no other. It has great features and an impeccable design. It also features the variable speed technology that enables it to perform a wide range of functions.

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What are some of the possible uses of an angle grinder?

Angle grinders are some of the most versatile tools in the power tools category. As a result, they have numerous uses. For example, if you work in a metal workshop you realize that most of the activities in the shop are tied to the angle grinder. Do you want to grind? An angle grinder is necessary. Do you want to scrap off dust from stones or metal? What do you use? An angle grinder of course.

However, you need to know that different uses call for different wheels or discs. For instance, the wheel you use for cutting is not the same wheel you will use for polishing or grinding. You’ll need to have a number of discs each for the different activities you are likely to undertake.

cordless angle grinder

Below are some of the common uses of angle grinders:

Cutting metal:

The most common use is cutting metal. It is an activity that happens every day, whether it is in a workshop, at home or at construction site. At any one of these places, you are likely to cut metal and traditional methods of using a hack saw, tend to be time consuming, tiresome and slow. Speaking of saws check out this review of the best chain saws. But when you use an angle grinder it cuts iron rebar much faster making more efficient and leaves you with enough time to work on other things. You can cut any type of metal with an angle grinder. However, for this task you will need a specific disc either a metal cutting wheel or a metal cut-off blade.

Removing paint:

Removing paint is a time consuming task but it is made easier and quicker by use of an angle grinder. You see, for you to repaint an object you have to scrub off the old paint. A task that could have probably taken you a full day to complete is done in half the time. All you need is an angle grinder and a wire wheel. You simply attach the wire wheel onto the grinder and you are good to go. Hold the angle grinder onto the surface of the object and the spinning wire wheel will remove the paint. The process is much easier and faster compared to the use of hard paper.

Cutting tiles, concrete and stone:

Do you know that you can cut through concrete and stone with an angle grinder? And not just you can even cut the very fragile tiles. However, you don’t just wake up one day and decide you want to cut stones. You need to have the right protective gear and the right disc which in this case is a diamond blade. These kind of blades are super strong, expensive and last longer. Once you have the diamond blade, the rest is just like cutting metal. You clamp or put the stone in a place where it can’t move while cutting and turn on the angle grinder. Here, you are likely to apply more pressure so as to cut through the stone or concrete.

Sharpening blades:

Not only can you use this power tool to cut objects but you can also use it to sharpen blades. It is much more effective and faster to use angle grinders than sharpening stones or files. Sharpening blades is a necessity in our everyday lives since shovels, lawn mowers and any other tool with blades becomes blunt after being used for a certain period. When this happens you will need to secure the blade to a clamp and sharpen it with the grinding wheel attached to an angle grinder. Be careful not to damage the blade.

Metal cleaning & Polishing:

Rust and dust have become a menace in our construction sites. The best way to clean these metals with rust is by using angle grinders. Instead of using the standard grinding wheel you will use a wire wheel or a wire cup brush. The wire cup brush is best suited for wide areas while the wire wheel is ideal for cleaning tight spaces. These wheels and brushes can also be used to clean or polish stone and concrete.

Grinding motor:

For you to carry out any tuck-pointing works it is advisable that you remove the old mortar. You can do so by using an angle grinder equipped with a special kind of wheel- the diamond tuckpointing wheel.

What are some of the specs you should for in an angle grinder?

Most of us judge angle grinders by their motor power and wheel size. Which is great but there is more to an angle grinder than just motor power and wheel size.

Angle Grinder Motor Power

Since this is the first thing you are likely to check when looking for the best angle grinder, we are going to discuss it in depth. Motor power is best gauged by looking at certain specs, which include revolutions per minute, wattage, Amps and horsepower.


It is the measure of the motor's power. Most range between 5-9 amps which is enough power for grinding and cutting jobs. Anything that goes below 5 amp is not powerful enough to handle heavy-duty jobs. And if it goes above 10 amps, it is more power than is needed in the usual DIY projects.


It is rarely shown in small angle grinders but it is worth checking out. There are some that max out at 5 horsepower which is more than enough power for a handheld tool.

Revolutions per Minute:

This is the speed of rotation of the wheel or disc. It is how fast the disc spins. The larger the angle grinder the lower the speed of rotation.


If you want an angle grinder with more power then look for an angle grinder with a higher wattage. For instance, large wheels require more power which translates to high wattage requirements.

Angle Grinder Wheel Size

The wheel size comprises of the maximum wheel diameter that’s compatible with the grinder. A large wheel size allows you to complete the task faster since it covers a larger surface area. These large size wheels are ideal for heavy-duty projects and work that involves grinding mortar or working with sheet materials and slabs.

Small size wheels are more versatile and offer better precision compared to the large size wheels. They are suitable for performing light tasks such as cutting metal, sharpening blades and removing rust.

best angle grinder

Corded vs. cordless

I will take corded any day over the cordless model, unless power outlets and mobility are priority issues. The batteries of cordless angle grinders tend to drain very fast making it impossible to use it for long periods without having to recharge or change batteries. If batteries are an issue you can always buy petrol-powered models.


Speaking of gears, you want your angle grinders to have metal gears as they can they can withstand the amount of power generated by the grinder. Nylon and hard plastic gears tend to wear out faster.

Angle Grinder Weight issues

You want a tool that has a balanced weight to power ratio. A lightweight model may seem like the best way but you to ensure that the power tool is well balanced and feels steady in the hand. If they are too light tend to break easily due to the use of cheap or fragile components.

Handle and Interchangeability

The ideal angle grinder should have a hassle free accessory change such as wheels. Interchangeability allows you to swap one disc/wheel for another making it easy for you to undertake different tasks with the same angle grinder.

As for the handle, it is advisable that you get an angle grinder that has an adjustable side handle. A feature that makes it easy to use both hands to operate the grinder. A handle with an anti-vibration feature is an added advantage.

Additional features include the safety lock, safety clutches, soft start and spindle lock.

One more thing…

Ensure that you follow the necessary safety precautions before using any of these angle grinders.

Thanks for reading our best angle grinder review and make sure to leave your experiences below

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