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Best Chainsaw In 2024 Review

best chainsaw review

The Best Chainsaw for 2024 – A Complete Guide for Beginners

Don't Feel Like Reading The Full Chainsaw Reviews ? Here Is Our Top Choice

Husqvarna 460 rancher chainsaw


If we were to buy the best chainsaw for ourselves, we'd spend the extra cash and get the Husqvarna 460 24-Inch Rancher Chain Saw. It's a gas-powered saw with 60cc of power. It features stainless steel spikes and has a low maintenance factor.Ideal for cutting very thick/ large trees that are otherwise impossible for so called multi functional “dysfunctional” cordless gas chainsaw.. It will be up to the task for any cutting challenge you throw its way.

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Now that we are past buying the best chainsaw, it is time to do a little bit of product comparison. Oh, wait, I think that the comparison part comes before the buying part. Never mind. The point is that settling for a robust high performance chain saw is a big deal. You neither want to end up with an overpowered tool – nor should you settle for a sloppy product that doesn’t work as advertised.

Over the last few weeks, I briefly wrote about different popular chain saws with a variety of perspectives in mind in our other chainsaw articles. Some of those brands were relatively new as compared to age-old chainsaw companies which have a strong foothold in the industry. By doing so, I was making an effort to not only review those chainsaws via an unbiased approach, but I also wanted to do the following:

  • To recommend affordable cordless, corded and gas chainsaws.
  • To ensure that no particular brand is completely dependable.  It all comes down to your requirements and the type of material you are looking to cut.

Quick Comparison


Bar Length




Check Price

DeWalt DCCS670X1

16 inch

 12.2 lbs.

60 V

3 years

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Makita XCU03PT1

14 inch

11.5 lbs.

18 V

3 years

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Black & Decker LCS1020

10 inch

7.2 lbs.

20 V

2 years

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Greenworks CS40L210

14 inch

9.8 lbs.

40 V

2 years

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Husqvarna 460 Rancher 2

24 inch

21 lbs.

Gas Powered

1 year

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WORX WG303.1

16 inch

11 lbs.

120 V

3 year

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Our Top 6 Best Chainsaws for 2024

Best Overal

First off, it’s a beastly gas chainsaw with approx. 60CC of engine power – that’s twice as much of a small motorcycle, which can go at a high speed. Imagine 60CCs imbued in a small chainsaw with tons of toothed blades and spikes on it; you will be conveniently cutting through literally any type of wood without thinking twice.

Why Is Husqvarna Recommended?

Okay, they may not be the most popular chainsaw manufactures in the world. Heck, if you know a thing or two about online marketing, you may see some other low – medium quality brands positioned in the first two pages of Google Search results. However, Husqvarna has a strong manufacturer history; they have been creating high profile products for the military in the past.

Soon when the civil war abated, Husqvarna Co. transitioned from creating rifles and muskets to home appliances and garden tools such as lawn mowers and later on also leaf blowers . They are based out in Arkansas where chainsaw testing can be done and performed on a variety of trees easily.

The company also has a strong relationship with user base; they listen to customer feedback and try to overcome any weaknesses in existing power tools by introducing something better in the upcoming release.

Husqvarna 460 Series is the latest form of the 455 Rancher chainsaws. The latter was slightly inferior and catered to a selective audience that usually owned private estates etc. The 460 Rancher 2 unit was especially introduced to help contractors, on-site lumberjacks and professional woodcutters who rely on a trusty gas chainsaw to provide for their families.

husqvarna 460 rancher chainsaw


Husqvarna Features:

This Husqvarna chainsaw offers a variety of features, such as but not limited to the following.

  • Optimized for maximum cutting through X-Torque fuel consumption technology.
  • Features stainless steel spikes instead of ‘carbide’ tips. You can read more about that in the post below.
  • Despite of the traditional gas-powered design, Husqvarna chainsaws have a low maintenance factor. They don’t break easily as long as you are keeping the bar and chain covered and the chain/ gears oiled during off season.
  • Ideal for cutting very thick/ large trees that are otherwise impossible for so called multi functional “dysfunctional” cordless chainsaws.

You can read the detailed analysis of Husqvarna 460 24-Inch Rancher Chain Saw 60cc 966048324 at our dedicated chainsaw review page. You can also scroll down to get a detailed insight on the product’s performance in comparison to some other brands mentioned below.

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According to U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission , you need to make sure that your preferred model of chainsaw meets OSHA safety standards. In this context, all of the following models were handpicked by me and the PowerToolBuzz staff to make sure that we are recommending/ reviewing something that we’d want to use ourselves.

Why Chainsaw Safety Is Important?

Over 28,000 chainsaw injuries are reported annually in the U.S. Let’s just say, most of the time, users are not careful with their products. Either they are not wearing the right protection equipment, or they are being careless with using a chainsaw. The end results can vary between minor scrapes to a loss of limbs, loss of life, or vice versa.

In the remainder cases, the user is being cautious but he/she is using a low standard chainsaw. Many manufacturers try to lure in customers by keeping the visual appeal on an all time high, but they compromise safety standards to keep the price within an “affordable” range. Unsuspecting customers like you and I hardly bother to do any research, and we end up with a highly unstable chain saw in the long run.

Obviously, I am not trying to scare you – chainsaws are not to be dreaded. Given that you have bought the right model, and you know your stuff, there’s nothing to worry about. This article was written with the intention of shed some light on some of the popular chainsaw brands of all time and help you decide on the best chainsaw for your needs.

I have tested them before, and written individual chainsaw reviews about all the appended electric chainsaws and even a complete chainsaw tool guide. Should you find the need to check out any particular make and model in detail, just click the proper links to navigate to the chainsaws’ respective page at PowerToolBuzz.

black and decker 20v chainsaw

Source:Black & Decker

Black and Decker does not need a formal introduction in the power tool and home appliances sector. I am not a huge fan of their products, but if I had to choose between a shoddy company and Black and Decker, I’d go for the latter.

The particular reason for holding them in low esteem is not because they produce crappy products; it’s just that the quality is subpar. As far as the Black & Decker 20V MAX Chainsaw is concerned, it is not too bad and not too good either.

Since the bar length is nothing short of 10” length, you can use the chainsaw for medium to low level tasks. Thinking about pruning a few hedges on a lazy Sunday afternoon at your grandma’s house? Well, Black + Decker is going to come in handy without causing any issues. You can also fell a few puny little trees, if that makes you feel manlier.

On a serious note, this is an ideal but not the best chainsaw for small scale homeowners who are just looking to get started with an absolutely safe chainsaw. It is not meant for heavy duty work, but the B&D LCS1020 model will go out of its way to serve your needs in DIY projects, bookracks etc.

Black and Decker Pros & Cons

  • PRO
  • CON
  • Cordless chainsaw - no extension cord needed
  • Ideal for pruning, trimming and felling trees from 5 – 12 inch diameter
  • Can be used for cutting deadwood, firewood and planks. If you are considering cutting sheets, you need to practice a lot to make precise straight cuts.
  • B & D 20V MAX Chainsaw with official company warranty.
  • Above average battery time.
  • Compliant with ISO product and OSHA safety standards.
  • Old school style chainsaw with extremely low kick back probability.
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Best Cordless

DeWalt is a trusted name in the industry – whether it is quality you are looking for, or durability factor. If I had to sum it down to a few words as to why Dewalt chainsaws are recommended at the PowerToolBuzz website as one of the best chainsaws, I’d say that they have an excellent quality vs. affordability ratio.

As a matter of fact, even if this Dewalt Chainsaw is not packed with all kinds of fancy shmancy features, it will never ever compromise on build quality and safety standards. The particular model Dewalt DCS670X1 is featured at our website is because of a number of reasons. This chainsaw showcases latest technology such as FlexVolt to help maximize the cutting capability at half the battery discharge rate.

dewalt 60v chainsaw reviews


FlexVolt also enables the DEWALT DCS670X1 cordless chainsaw to transition speed. If the bar is stuck against a rigid wood type, the chainsaw will automatically increase its speed. Likewise, the chain rev output is decreased when the chainsaw is in an inactive state. Some of the main highlights of DEWALT DCS670X1 60V cordless chainsaw are appended below:

Dewalt Pros & Cons

  • PRO
  • CON
  • Features signature Dewalt FlexVolt technology: As a result, battery performance is at its optimal state where electric charge is consumed at half the rate, alongside uninterrupted saw performance.
  • 60 V battery output! Couldn’t ask for anything better.
  • Automatic chain brake safety mechanism for instant limb protection.
  • Uses safety guard on front handle for protection against flint, chunks of wood and splinters etc.
  • No extension cord needed

The entire range of Dewalt company products is backed up by manufacturer warranty. It is flexible, and they are always looking to help first time customers with basic know how. Dewalt has positioned the DCS670X1 model within an affordable bracket for both homeowners and medium level commercial scale users.

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Best Electric

greenworks chainsaw reviews


As the name suggests, Greenworks is an environmental friendly brand; chainsaws are not their only products in the market. The 14 Inch 40V cordless chainsaw demonstrates a brilliant amalgamation of raw steel, stainless steel bucks and low emission fume rate.

Greenworks has received a lot of positive feedback for introducing mid-range cutting tools in the online retailer market. For instance, a lot of people at Amazon are satisfied with the company’s electric chainsaws lineup due to value added services.

I personally like the green + black color combination for their chainsaws. The chainsaw review I individually did for this model had a 14-inch bar and chain alongside mid-range 40V battery. I’d recommend buying an extra pair to keep it as backup just in case you are looking to make more than 100 cuts in one sitting. The main plus points for having a Greenworks CS40L201 14 Inch 40V chainsaw are stated below:

Greenworks Pros & Cons

  • PRO
  • CON
  • Environmental Friendly: Extremely low fume emission rate.
  • Easy Start/ Off System – Only needs push of a button to get things going on. The chainsaw will auto stop in case no activity or contact is detected by the chain.
  • Self-lubricating brushless motor design. Use high quality oil with medium density to keep the gears well fed.
  • As long as the wood diameter is between 10 – 14 Inches, Greenworks CS40L201 electric chainsaws are guaranteed to make up to 100 cuts. Of course, the battery needs to be fully charged before embarking on one such venture!
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Note on the Best Chainsaw Build Quality:

Okay, let’s take a pause here for a minute. This part is especially important because a lot of misconception has been flying around concerning the chainsaw spike quality. In fact, it is a hairy issue. So here goes…

Some people prefer carbide over stainless steel. The reasons are legit because carbide is not only light, but it’s also like that tough son of a b**ch that refuses to give up easily. Stainless steel, on the other hand, can bend but the same factor goes to its advantage too.

Many chainsaw companies use carbide bucks and spikes – and the funny thing is that these chainsaws sell like hot cakes. Despite of the fact that carbide is slightly more expensive, it is preferred because of its resilience. But here’s the ironic part – a chainsaw operates mercilessly when it’s chain is revving. This causes carbide spikes and blade chunks to deteriorate over time. Now in case you are thinking that it’s not a big issue because carbide is easy to sharpen, then think twice!

Carbide spikes on a chainsaw are not easy to sharpen. In fact, they require a specialist with very special equipment to help you get the job done. The person will also charge you a pretty penny because let’s admit it, nothing’s for free in today’s day and age.

Meanwhile, folks with stainless steel spikes on their chainsaws are getting along just fine because steel is easy to maintain. Sure, it will rust over time, but thanks to WD40 and home owned sharpening equipment, the maintenance factor is quite feasible on these chainsaws. It is not easy to replace a carbide chain on a chain saw; you will probably need to order a new one if things are not looking savvy.

It wasn’t a long time ago when most of the mainstream chain saw manufacturers were focusing on performance. Makita, on the other hand was busy creating a well-rounded line of products with durability, affordability and performance in mind. I have personally used the company’s circular saws without any qualms.

Most of the satisfaction is attributed to Makita’s uncompromising policies on quality. So, when the XCU03PT1 chainsaw comes into play, you know that you can count on it blindly. Well, not literally, but to some extent.

makita electric chainsaw


Makita Pros & Cons

  • PRO
  • CON
  • Affordable: Makita XCU03PT1 is super affordable because of how well the battery powered chainsaw was bundled with multiple deals. The manufacturer wanted to increase the feasibility margin, so this chainsaw is available with multiple buying options. You can go for just the chainsaw and default battery pack; you can also buy an extra battery kit; or you can buy the entire kit with grinder and 4 batteries.
  • Ergonomics: Handles are coated with sweat proof rubberized grip for hassle free cutting experience.
  • Step up – Step down voltage transition ensures effective battery consumption.
  • Makita XCU03PT1 chainsaw comes with multiple goody packs.
  • Signature brushless motor design for optimal results.
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Best Budget

worx chainsaw


WORX is the second best brand on my list of available best chainsaws in 2019; not that they have extremely high fi products, but it is the way they keep the cost factor low. You can read my detailed WORX WG303.1 corded chainsaw post to get the insider scoop on how Worx has managed to increase affordability for national and international users.

Basically, they outsource manufacturing to China based factories. However, Worx ensures high quality by outlining few key factors that keep the chainsaws quality up to a standard level. Beware, the WORX WG303.1 electric chain saw is not your typical ‘Made in China’ stuff; they know what they are doing. If it’s any consolation, Apple also outsources iPhone production contracts to Foxconn , which is a Chinese company. So, it’s not that bad you see.

The main reason for buying a WORX WG303.1 electric chainsaw over other brands is how the company combines multiple features into one main product. I wrote a bit about their TriVac, which is a state of the art vacuum cleaner, blower and mulcher – all infused in one product. This way, Worx is preselling its products by increasing value for money.

Worx Pros & Cons

  • PRO
  • CON
  • Low profile and lightweight chainsaw with bearable noise ratio.
  • Widely compatible with all kinds of extension cords. Read the actual product review to see a list of my personally recommended extension cables you can use with WG303 chainsaw.
  • Automatic chain lubricator.
  • Automatic chain tensioner. No need to worry about tightening or loosening the chain too much. Worx introduced this feature for brand new customers who don’t have little to no prior experience of using chainsaws.
  • 100% original metal buck spikes and blades.

By the way, Worx WG303.1 is a slightly inferior version of the WG304 model. You can purchase the latter edition for some extra enhancements.

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Best Gas Powered Chainsaw

Last but not the least, we got the Husqvarna Co.’s 460 Rancher series chainsaw, which is an absolute bad ass when it comes to felling actual trees. Be warned, this is a gas-powered chainsaw with multi stroke engine. It has high maintenance and fuel cost can go beyond your expectations if you are not mindful of performance to consumption ratio.

However, this gas chainsaw was strongly recommended at our website for a variety of reasons. The main reason is the top notch build quality and admirable design aesthetics. Husqvarna has a solid reputation in the power tool industry. Chainsaws are not their only staple product; they have released a special lineup series for homeowners who want to trim trees at extreme height.

husqvarna chainsaw parts


You should try Husqvarna Pole Chainsaws to see what I’m talking about. Coming back to the 460 rancher chainsaw, it was released as two different products. The first one was Rancher 1 which combined the same safety, build and quality standards with slightly compromised performance output. Rancher II was where the company unleashed a boatload of impressive results especially meant to impress professional wood cutters.

Husqvarna Pros & Cons

  • PRO
  • CON
  • Bundled with different add-ons and accessories. Depends on the online retailer website where you are considering making the purchase.
  • Backed up by official Husqvarna parts and replacement warranty. They will never leave you high and dry, even if it’s a slight issue with chain displacement or anything.
  • Features signature HAVS technology. In addition the inertia break system also causes the chain saw revving motion to disrupt whenever there’s an immediate indication of an unforeseen body injury. The chain will also break motion in case it makes contact with solid objects stuck inside the log. This was done to make sure that both the chainsaw and the operator remain protected at all times.
  • Husqvarna gas powered chainsaws are compatible with different fuel types. The Rancher I and II series are fully compatible with Ethanol, Aspen 2T and Octane category fuel.
  • Features X Torque technology to help maximize performance at the cost of extremely low fuel consumption rate.
  • 2 Stroke engine for speed transition.

The best kind of protection is awareness. Since this chainsaw is gas powered and extremely efficient, you have to keep it pointed down when it’s not in use. Don’t forget the fact that these power tools deserve respect; dress up in recommended safety gear. Wear steel toed boots, with cut resistant overall.

Also, keep a very firm grip on the chainsaw handle. This logic applies to all categories, regardless of whether you are using a traditional gas chainsaw, an electric corded chainsaw or vice versa. We have lost a great deal of men and their precious little limbs over careless and irresponsible behavior with chainsaws. Husqvarna also mentions a couple of safety tips in their chainsaw instructions manual.

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Closing Thoughts On The Best Chainsaw Reviews

The above mentioned power tools in this chainsaw post are not conclusive – they are more of a recommendation after endless hours of testing. You are free to find better alternatives as per your requirements. The idea was to write about a few tools that are deemed worthy of buyers’ time, money and expectations. Also, at the time of writing this best chainsaw review, these "best" chainsaws were considered as the “latest” and most popular chain saw models in the market.

Therefore, right now, things may have changed a little bit. You need to improvise with your purchase; maybe you live in Alaska and things are a little different. So, look around and see what tickles your fancy. By the way, if you are a long time chainsaw owner, we’d love to hear more from you through the comments section below and we hope you enjoyed our best chainsaw review.

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