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Best Miter Saw In 2024 Review

best miter saw review

The Best Miter Saw for 2024 - A Complete Beginners’ Guide

Don't Feel Like Reading The Full Miter Saw Reviews ? Here Is Our Top Choice

Planning on buying the best miter saw on the market today but don't feel like reading our in depth miter saw review. Then do make sure to take the DEWALT DWS780 under consideration. It has a high quality 12 inch carbide blade and it produces a staggering 3,800 RPM easily without affecting the cutting speed. This tool offers blade locking for bevel cuts, a blade shadow casting system for accurate cuts and a state of the art dust collection chute, it is backed up with a robust 3 year warranty and is build with high quality materials. It is perfect for fieldwork and any range of DIY projects.

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If you are an aspiring woodworker, you know damn too well that without proper power tools, the project ain’t going anywhere. If you are not an aspiring woodworker, then you are someone who’s aching to blow cash on projects that could have been done by yourself – and that too with a sense of perfection that none of the other ‘for hire’ contractors can do.

Regardless, both cases have power tools in common. Things used to be a lot more difficult for woodworking contractors in the past due to a majority of manual labor work. However, times have changed; technology has helped evolve the power tools industry to a great extent. These days, conventional saws have been replaced by circular saws, table saws and miter saws etc.

Speaking of the latter category, miter saws have become more of a commodity ever since major manufacturers started introducing tacky new features. I am sure you have read all of my miter saw reviews and our tool guide at PowerToolBuzz just to get a whiff of some basic inclusions such as laser sights, EZ view system, twistable knobs etc. Although these features are not essential for a miter saw to have, they do make one hell of a difference.

For example, the laser guide LED projection system in a miter saw makes it awfully easy to get by with straight line cuts. Often times, woodworkers are engaged on an expensive work piece, where they cannot risk cutting it the wrong way – even to a minimal offset degree. In situations like these when precision matters a lot, and convenience is a much-needed “accessory”, you need to buy the best miter saw which you can trust in the long run.

Quick Comparison


Blade Diam.




Check Price


12 inch

 56 lbs.

120 V

3 years

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Bosch GCM12SD

12 inch

88.2 lbs.

120 V

1 year

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Makita LS1016L

10 inch

53.3 lbs.

120 V

1 year

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Milwaukee 6955-20

12 inch

77.8 lbs.

120 V

5 years

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Hitachi C12RSH2

12 inch

59.5 lbs.

120 V

5 year

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7 1/4 inch

19.16 lbs.

18 V Battery

3 year

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Our Top 6 Best Miter Saws for 2024

Best Overall

Our Pick of the Day - DEWALT DWS780 12-Inch Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Probably one of the best miter saws to date is the DEWALT DWS780 model. It doesn’t shy away from a dense cut, and comes as a fully-fledged portable solution for first timers. Likewise, professionals have preferred using this tool over other company products for a variety of specific reasons.

For instance, Dewalt Co. chucked the laser LED beam projection norm out of the window and replaced it with the shadow line system. It serves the same purpose – i.e. to cast a single beam on the exact area where you are supposed to make the cut. However, lasers beams are harder to see when working in broad day light, or at an open work site. In this context, the shadow remains crystal clear as a dark pencil line on the work piece.

DWS780 Features:

  • 12 inch blade with phenomenal build quality.
  • Old school look and feel – similar to 1970’s vintage Rockwell manual miter saw.
  • Sliding head for convenient back and forth / back to front cutting.
  • Features powerful 15 Amp motor and a very stable 3,800 RPM for accurate speedy cuts.
  • Model DWS780 is the first of its kind to integrate XPX cross cut positioning system. 
  • Dewalt’s signature shadow line projection system for guided cuts.
compound miter saw


You can read more about this saw by scrolling down to the end of this review. Alternatively, you can also read my detailed review of the DEWALT 12 Inch sliding compound miter saw at PowerToolBuzz later.

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On the same note, I’d also like to state that this miter saw review is in no way as detailed as it should be. Yes, it does explain a lot of things about the best miter saw for 2024 from an expert’s perspective, there’s always some better product model out there. However, the fact that all our miter saws are handpicked, and we spend a lot of time to do these reviews, this is what sets the score apart.

Miter Saws for Contractors – An Inconclusive Debate:

It is an inconclusive debate when it comes to choosing the right miter saw. Often times the material quality and features are top notch, but they are not applicable to fulfill the needs of a woodworker’s specific contract. Needless to say, he’d give that particular model a negative biased rating. Just to be on the safe side, our best bet to select a miter saw, or any other power tool for that matter, is to remain unbiased.

In this context, it is imperative to state down different categories . I know, I have talked about them before, but there’s nothing wrong with serving our memories with a refresher. Should you decide not to buy any of the appended saws in this review, at least, you will have an idea about what these things are and how to buy them once you are out there in the open market.

miter saw buying guide

Types of Miter Saws:

Let’s take a quick look at the types of miter saws. Afterward, I’ll talk about our best picks and why you should consider buying one of them as part of your 2024 resolution.

  • Basic Miter Saw:

This is your common miter saw, which comes with single bevel cut capacity. These miter saws don’t slide, and they are usually armed with a small diameter blade. Some manufacturers tweaked basic models with the ability to move from left to right or right to left in a limited capacity.

  • Compound Miter Saw:

These miter saws have either a dual bevel cut feature, or they are also introduced with a sliding blade head system. Either way, this type has become more common, and has already replaced the basic category in the market by now.

  • Sliding Compound Miter Saw:

Another fine example of technology and innovation is the sliding compound miter saw. It not only has dual bevel cut feature, but also comes with sliding head and positive angle stops for miter cuts. They are relatively expensive. However, their overall advantages outweigh the initial expense in the long run.

Other variants are cabinet miter saws; they are extremely expensive and mostly used in an industrial setup. The ones that I have selected as part of the top miter saws review are listed below.

In addition, many add-on features such as dust collection, ergonomics, spare blade sets and batteries really sweeten the deal. If you’re up for spending that much money on an expensive product, why not go all the way and make sure that the selected model comes with enough accessories to justify the heavy duty price tag!

bosch sliding miter saw


Bosch comes as a build centric company, which mostly focuses on quality and features altogether. Unlike its competitors that try to outshine market contenders through features, alone, Bosch has always made an effort to maintain a sense of balance between both aspects.

With the release of the Bosch GCM12SD 120-Volt 12-Inch , the company managed to pull off flawless execution within the confines of a small package. It is your standard 12-inch blade diameter, an unusual articulated arm flush feature and a sturdy fence to keep work pieces steady.

The takeaway feature for potential buyers is the axial glide feature in this miter saw. Bosch created a foldable arm that expands and contracts as the users see fit while they are engaged in cutting a slab. This all happens in real time. Meanwhile, you can also slide the Bosch GCM12SD blade head over the work piece as you see fit.

Bosch wanted to offer a sense of freedom to woodworkers and they did it in an impressive manner. Some of the main highlights of this sliding compound miter saw are listed below.

Bosch Pros & Cons

  • PRO
  • CON
  • Budget oriented saw with overall satisfied customers.
  • Amazing build quality. Bosch has definitely stood up to the expectations of customers.
  • Dedicated sawdust collection port.
  • Bosch also installed a dual-purpose handle for left and right handed users.
  • Overall good ergonomics.
  • Safety mechanism features standard blade guard cover on a pivot point, and two trip switches.
  • Detailed instructions manual.
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Best Compound

Dewalt offers a balance of aesthetics and outstanding performance through the model DWS780 series. Despite of a 12 inch blade size, this compound miter saw relentlessly cuts through wood, pine, thin masonry chips (*not recommended though) and so much more.

Beyond its unusual cutting capacity, the compound saw promises a bevy of other features, such as; sliding blade head, enhanced safety, portability factor and vice versa. The best thing which I adored about this  DEWALT Compound Miter Saw is its old school appeal. For some reason, the company made it look, and, to some extent, operate like the 1970’s classic Rockwell miter saw.

dewalt sliding miter saw

Source: Dewalt

Dewalt Pros & Cons

  • PRO
  • CON
  • Highly affordable. The price tag doesn’t intimidate first time skeptics into any shady deals.
  • Blade can be locked in place for tilt bevel cuts.
  • Also usable for making complex crown cuts.
  • Features Dewalt’s signature shadow cast system. It is pretty much like the laser guide LED projection, but it is a more enhanced version of the former ally. As a result, woodworkers can make extremely accurate cuts.
  • Dust collection vacuum and chute for a squeaky-clean work place.
  • Dewalt lifetime parts and repairs warranty
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hitachi compound miter saw


Hitachi C12RSH2 is one cheeky little power tool for entry to intermediate level woodworkers. I am a fan of the company’s products because of my decade old affiliation with their corded vacuum cleaner. Believe me, that vac has been performing without any issues, repairs or whatsoever! Talk about a really high quality genuine product.

As far as the Hitachi Miter Saw is concerned, the devs released a slightly downgraded version for basic level DIYers. That one’s called the Hitachi C12RSH, but people have overall liked the newer generation. Off the top of my head, the main reason I’d go for this Hitachi miter saw is because of the factory supplied miter saw stand.

To be honest, we all need to sit the miter saw somewhere. It could be a makeshift bench or a proper table at a worksite. Why not buy a model which already has an amazing miter saw table – and that too free of cost. Hitachi supplies it as an add-on product where you have to pay a nominal price difference atop the base price of the Hitachi Miter Saw itself.

Hitachi Pros & Cons

  • PRO
  • CON
  • Once again, an affordable alternative for those who are looking for sliding compound miter saws. Other power tools with same amount of features are comparatively a little more expensive than Hitachi’s.
  • Powered by a ruthless 15 Ampere motor which churns out a constant 3,800 RPM.
  • Blade does not break the RPM if dense wood material is fed to it. However, make sure that you make two cuts, with one being an introductory cut, and the other one going in deeper for maximum efficiency.
  • Good build quality.
  • Long term durability factor.
  • Comes integrated with Hitachi LED laser guide for precise cuts.
  • Rear side clearance is not needed if this is purchased with the table stand combo deal.
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Obviously, when it comes to power tools, I always make an exception to go through Makita’s inventory. They are reliable - and have never disappointed me before. The Makita LS1016L 10-Inch Dual Slide Compound Miter Saw model is a blend of quality and performance in a sleek package. However, I should mention that this model is not made for everyone out there.

The “dual slide” feature reportedly appalls some woodworkers, as they are more used to the conventional slide system in traditional compound miter saws. Don’t worry, this is a natural reaction to any company’s product. People do resent it in the beginning, but after the first few model revisions, things got better in the long run.

makita miter saw reviews


Makita basically introduced the dual slide feature to facilitate woodworkers with faster output. To top it off, they embedded their technology n a very small frame. The frame sits on top of a rail set, which allows fluid mobility of the body.

Makita Pros & Cons

  • PRO
  • CON
  • Extremely lightweight miter saw. You can lift it on your own if you want. Before buying this model, I initially watched a few YouTube unboxing videos, but I expected that the actual product might weight more. I was wrong.
  • Features compact rail design.
  • Comes with positive stops with one touch lock system. Whichever angle you choose for miter cuts, you can lock the scale and the blade in the relevant position with the touch of a button.
  • Dual side slide motion feature for assistance with cuts on both left and right side.
  • Blade head can tilt at both sides to help with angled/ bevel cuts.
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Best Budget 

ryobi cordless miter saw


If I were on a budget and looking for the best miter saw for the money, I’d buy a Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ . That being said, it is not an ideal tool, or anywhere close to being a woodworker’s wet dream of a perfect miter saw. It does have its flaws – especially because the company created the entire thing as a cordless power tool.

However, props to Ryobi for at least taking the initiative. My only gripe with this miter saw is its limited capacity to cut. On a single 18V battery, the cuts average around 80 on a 4 x 2-dimension work piece. Fortunately, Ryobi made the miter saw compatible with dual 18V batteries, which means that you can double the input voltage juice for maximum performance.

Reason to buy 2 X 18V batteries? Honestly, I am not shoving down an extra battery set down your throat, but there is a strong reason as to why you should dole out some extra cash for a spare battery. An extra battery will obviously result in twice as many number of successful cuts, but it also helps to keep the blade RPM stable.

The issue with cordless circular saws and miter saws is that as soon as the battery voltage starts to weaken, the RPM gives way. This causes the project to intermittently halt until the battery is fully recharged. By buying the extra battery with a first time purchase of the Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ Cordless Miter Saw, you can either insert them both at the same time, or you can keep one battery as a backup.

The choice is yours. Both ways, it is a win-win situation.

Ryobi Pros & Cons

  • PRO
  • CON
  • Comes integrated with laser guide LED projection system for straight line/ precise cuts.
  • It’s cordless! What more could you ask for in a miter saw?
  • Stock blade has 24 toothed carbide tips. It is also good for rip cuts in case they are ever needed.
  • Flexible miter adjustment due to positive stops.
  • Bevel angles are lockable at both side of the blade.
  • Lightweight product with emphasis on portability factor.
  • Easily affordable as compared to other miter saws.
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Straight from the folks of Arkansas, the  6955-20 12-Inch Sliding Dual Bevel Miter Saw comes as a reliable cutting tool for die hard woodworkers. I wrote down an in depth miter saw review of this tool at PowerToolBuzz. You can read it; I have shared my personal thoughts on why Milwaukee took so long to release a miter saw as compared to other contenders.

Basically, Milwaukee held back and observed the trend before releasing their special version of an unusual miter saw. Although, it might have impacted the company’s initial ratings and buyer expectations who have had a wonderful experience from Milwaukee, the overall results were favorable to the company.

I am also speculating that with the release of the  Milwaukee 6955-20 12-Inch Sliding Dual Bevel Miter Saw, the manufacturer fiscal year’s performance got more stable. Model 6955-20 is often considered as a hybrid miter saw – even though it is not entirely hybrid. The latter are expensive, and are not bought in majority by entry to intermediate level users.

milwaukee cordless miter saw


Milwaukee 6955-20 12-Inch miter saw has an impressive digital miter scale. They bid farewell to positive stops and manual readings by taking a different type of initiative. On top of that, the company also created a laser guide LED beam for assisted cuts. As compared to the Ryobi One+ miter saw, the laser in the Milwaukee 6955-20 model is more intense.

I noticed that I was able to easily view the laser line in broad daylight. Ryobi’s laser was barely visible. No matter how hard I squinted, I could not keep track of where the blade was going on the work piece. That’s why, I had to revert back to old school pencil marking. Milwaukee definitely did better in that sense.

Moving on, this sliding bevel model also features constant power technology. It maintains the blade RPM, especially when the work piece is dense, or you are going to fast with the cutting frenzy. On the same note, I always stress upon taking it a little slow with making successive cross cuts. Increasing speed will only deteriorate the blade tooth quality. You may as well be causing additional permanent damage to the motor while doing so.

Milwaukee Pros & Cons

  • PRO
  • CON
  • Made for rough handling. This is a true on-site miter saw, and can take a bit of beating easily.
  • Amazing build quality and visual appeal. Milwaukee Co. has used high quality weather resistant paint. It does not fade despite of constant outdoor usage.
  • Features constant power technology for stable blade RPM.
  • Has a digital miter scale for state of the art experience. Talk about next level precision
  • Milwaukee 6955-20 is compatible with dado blades! How cool is that?
  • Tilt capacity of 50% - 70% on either sides of the blade head.
  • Easy blade removal and installation feature.
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Final Words On Our Miter Saw Reviews

As stated earlier, these miter saws are top of the line material in the industry. However, to say that they put an end to the best miter saw discussion would be an unjustified approach. Since we have the remainder of the current year to look forward to, manufacturers could be releasing, or showcasing never-before-seen miter saw models.

I hope you enjoyed this miter saw review and keep your eyes and wallets open until next time!

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