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Best Shop Vac In 2024 Reviews

best shop vac review

The Best Shop Vac in 2024 – A Shop Vacuum Review Guide For Newbies

Don't Have Time To Read Our Review? Here Is Our Top Choice

dewalt vacuum

If you are looking to buy the best shop vac we would advice you not to look any further and get the Dewalt DCV581H shop vacuum.

This Dewalt vacuum has a sleek combination of portability, affordability and general use. It comes with a 20V max battery but can also be used with a cord and it has an easily accessible, washable/reusable filter. The on-board hose, cord and accessory storage makes the vacuum easy to carry and transport. Model DCV581H comes with a 2 Gallon tank capacity which provides enough storage to empty a toilet or clogged pipe.

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Every living place, whether it is big or small, eventually gets dirty. It starts with a thin layer of fine dust over the drapes, carpets and furniture – and eventually reaches a point where you have to use the services of a professional cleaning crew. Alternatively, you can clean stuff on your own with a good old vacuum , which is a convenient way of saving up on service charges etc.

This shop vac review is for those who are interested in buying the best shop vac in 2024 and beyond. I kept the “future proofing” concept in view because technology tends to run obsolete after a year or so. A lot of people resort to internet for resources and recommendations pertaining to any latest gadget.

The problem is that such methods only favor those websites that have an age old presence in the search engine directories. As a result, you may end up with crappy recommendations with even crappier product performance output.

Quick Comparison




Horse Power


Check Price

Ridgid 50348RID

14 Gallon

 28.5 lbs.

6 HP


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Craftsman XSP

16 Gallon

31.6 lbs.

6.5 HP

1 year

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Dewalt DCV581H

2 Gallon

11.1 lbs.

Cordless 20 V

3 years

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Stanley Wet/Dry Vacuum

8 Gallon

17 lbs.

4.5 HP

1 year

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Shop Vac 5989400

8 Gallon

19 lbs.

6 HP

3 year

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Vacmaster VBV1210

12 Gallon

26 lbs.

5 HP

2 year

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Our Top 6 Best Shop Vacs for 2024

Let’s Not Forget about Common Myths Associated with Using Shop Vacs!

Oh yes, some folks mistake shop vacs for “real” vacuum cleaners – as in, they are a cheap substitute for a conventional indoor only upright vacuum unit. I was baffled to read some user comments from folks who had the gall to use a wet dry vacuum for cleaning carpets and drapes!

No, you cannot use a shop vacuum for cleaning carpets. There is a reason that these units are labelled as wet dry vacuums. By using them on a carpet, you are not only making the carpet prone to fabric damage, but you are also blowing out an exponential amount of dust back into the air.

A typical vacuum filter is made for outdoor use only. When you are dragging it inside the house, you are preparing to see half-assed results. There is nothing wrong with the shop vacuum, or the carpet for that matter – it’s just that the two are not exactly made for each other.

Same theory applies on curtains and any fabric made material, which can be cleaned with a regular vacuum cleaner. However, if you are persistent on using a shop vac for cleaning carpets, there is a workaround solution.

You’re going to have to manually swipe all the fine dust and debris to one corner, and then suck that all up through the wet-dry vacuum hose. You should ideally be using a upholstery dust collection head attached at the suction end.

Best Overall

dewalt vacuum


Sure, it’s small and it’s a cordless shop vac with only about 25 minutes of operation time, but Dewalt has added a corded variant of the same unit. How so? They included a power cord, which can be extended with the help of add-on accessories. Simple, convenient and to the point addition of any add-on feature we have seen so far in the entire product reviews lineup at Powertoolbuzz.

Usage wise,the DCV581H series may not be the ideal match for people looking to drain an entire flooded basement, but the vacuum’s sleek combination of portability, affordability and general use makes it an invaluable resource for average Joes. At the end of the day, it’s a normal user which matters the most as compared to professionals.

Dewalt Shop Vac Features:

This shop vac offers a variety of features, such as but not limited to the following.

  • Cordless or corded operation powered by either an 18V or 20V MAX* battery - or an AC outlet
  • Easily accessible, washable/reusable filter; tap or water rinse to clean
  • On-board hose, cord and accessory storage makes the vacuum easy to move around
  • HEPA rated wet/dry filter traps dust with 99.97% efficiency at 0.3 microns
  • Heavy-duty, crush-resistant, fully-integrated 5' (by 1-1/4" diameter) hose provides durability, flexibility and ease-of-use
  • 2 Gallon tank capacity provides enough storage to empty a toilet or clogged pipe
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What Was the Shop Vac Testing Method?

Since there are too many variables for figuring out which shop vacuum is indeed worthy of spending money on, we decided to narrow dow n the focus a little bit. Regardless, I’d want you to stop reading here at this point, and scroll over to our shop vac buying guide for ready reference. Although, we’d love to pour over on all kinds of aspects that make one particular vacuum model stand out among the rest, we’re going to have to cut short.

Coming back to the variables part of the discussion, it is not possible for anyone to determine whether a number of products are best or at least considered close to being number one. But still, we ran down the selected model of the shop vacs through a couple of hoops to see whether they really work as advertised.

craftsman shop vac

The Testing Method:

As a rule of thumb, you should keep an eye out for three main things to take the guess work out of buying the best wet dry vac .

  • Power: How fast can the shop-vac gobble up water and semi liquid fluids in a preset amount of time? We tested all five shop vac models to match them against one another in terms of power-wise performance.
  • Usability: Whether it is easy to use a shop vac outdoor, indoor and at a job-site determines the usability factor. Ergonomics fall under this category too. Let’s say the handle is too bulky, or the entire unit is too heavy to lob around behind you, you can deduct a few points.
  • Versatility: That’s where a wet and dry vacuum really shines. Some shop vacuums are made for outperforming others in terms of sucking in liquid, while others mostly perform well against dry chunks of debris etc. A “versatile” wet vacuum should be more of an all rounder with equal performance results over all kinds of garbage.

Other Main Factors That Assist in Buying Shop Vacs in 2024:

A lot of brands try to presell cordless/mini shop vacs down our throat because of the portability factor of the unit. For example, we shortlisted five popular wet dry vacs, out of which Dewalt Dcv581H is a cordless category wet/dry vac.

Now don’t get me wrong, because I am not bad mouthing Dewalt here, but the size of the vacuum cleaner,  and its overall weight is a major cause for sacrificing performance. At the end of the day, do you need a flashy shop vac, or something that offers a thorough cleaning experience? Chances are that you are going to go for the latter – and that’s why we don’t strongly recommend using the Dcv581H.

In case you are wondering why we chose this wet/dry vac in the first place, then it is entirely because of the versatility and usability factor. This bad boy also has a corded version, which is slightly powerful than the cordless variant. Plus, it is known for its super duper product quality and reliability, which helped us recommend the company’s unit to Powertoolbuzz readers.

Following are the main driving factors that assisted us in taking the guesswork out of our top recommendations:


Larger models are great for storing a gazillion tons of debris and liquid, but that also causes the size of the unit to increase. For one reason, if you are not a fan of bulky wet dry vacs, you are not going to like the bigger wet/dry vac units. Especially, if you don’t need one for commercial cleaning projects, or any contracts, then go for a medium sized product.

Likewise, this is a debatable concern. Some people look at bigger shop vacs as a nice investment from future point of view. Should you end up owning a bigger house, or find yourself in need of cleaning more than usual amount of rooms, a big shop vac will suffice easily.

dewalt shop vac
Storage Capacity:

A shop vac’s storage capacity is measured in terms of gallons. It is the amount of dust, debris, liquid and waste material it can hold before going full. I had a house with a basement once; summers were all fine and chilly, but when the monsoon season hit, the basement would flood over a couple of days. Thankfully, my vacuum helped me to suck out all the murky liquid before I called the mason to repair wall damage.

The reason for bringing up a personal example was to help you understand how useful higher capacity shop vacs are as compared to the normal mini wet dry vacs. A lot of people avoid buying bigger/ bulkier wet dry vacuum units because they are afraid of the added weight that comes as a result of a full storage canister.

To help avoid the add-on weight, you can easily pump the excess liquid through the drain valve without having to carry the entire unit outside. If you are looking for a cheap shop vac, chances are that it won't have the water pump mechanism in it.

In this case, the drain port has to be opened to let out all the dirty water, but first you’re going to have to carry the unit to a safe spot. “Carrying” a fully loaded shop vacuum can be a cumbersome task, especially if there are stairs involved. Therefore, consider the pump vs. weight thingy before buying the best shop vac for that matter.

CFM Rating:

This feature was discussed at length in the shop vac-buying guide at Powertoolbuzz. If you don’t feel like reading, then know this that the CFM is the maximum cubic feet of airflow which a shop vac can suck in over one minute. Sure, it sounds a bit like a physics theorem, but CFM is more of a maximum performance measure for air compressors, shop vacs and other airflow related products in that sense.

Shop Vac Filters:

ridgid shop vac filter

Okay, this is where it gets interesting because filters are one of those accessories which affect a wet dry vac’s results. A good filter never affects the CFM rating – as in it does not create any muzzle or blockage on the airflow suction speed. At the same time, the filter helps prevent the dust particles from going back into the air.

Both of the aforementioned factors are important because you don’t want to hinder the shop vac’s performance, but also don’t want to catch an allergy. These days, a lot of filters are HEPA approved, which means that they meet the environment safety and health standards for users. Therefore, if you are out there looking for a filter, or a brand new wet dry vacuum unit, make sure that the box packaging has the HEPA label.

Let’s get down to the brass tacks and see which ones made it to our recommended products’ list.

Best Budget

It is cheap, it is reliable and it is considered an “easily affordable” unit among some of the fiercest wet dry vac models. The reason we picked the Ridgid 50348RID Wet Dry Vac over tons others is because of the pricing vs. value factor.

It is available at a very nominal rate, i.e. – slightly under $150, and Ridgid made the 50348RID series  specifically for commercial level users. The added 14-gallon waste material storage capacity also makes this Ridgid vacuum unit an ideal match for home and garage owners. Top it all off with a slew of Ridgid accessories, extra vac heads and many other perks, you are looking at one damn good product from long term one-time investment perspective.

I don’t know about other websites, but Amazon is selling the 50348RID Wet Dry Vac Ridgid unit not only as an individual product, but also as bundle deal. In latter case, you and your neighbors can chip in to buy 2, 3 or 4 Ridgid units at a discount rate instead of the other way around.

ridgid shop vac


What to Keep in Mind When Buying Ridgid 50348RID Wet Dry Vac for the First time?

If you are buying the Ridgid 50348RID Wet Dry Vacuum for first time, make sure you are ordering the red – black color combo variant. This version of the unit was released a bit earlier, and it qualifies as the improved model of the Ridgid 50348RID series product lineup.

Their earlier versions were released in the orange – black variant. If you are purchasing this Ridgid wet/dry vac model at a local Ridgid franchise, then you can personally request the manager to open the box and show the contents before you pay them. Buying it online, and ensuring that the color is red-black is kind of a hassle, but I guess an email can be sent as an inquiry to the representatives.

Ridgid 50348RID Wet Dry Vac is overall considered as an all-rounder product, but there is a minor setbacks which Ridgid does not mention. You need to buy the temporary Ridgid shop vac filter every time it breaks down. Normal filters are available for $3 a piece, but if you are considering buying a HEPA filter, it can take the price up to 30 bucks.

Therefore, please consider the cost of the filters as additional and continuous expense of having this unit in your possession. Otherwise, it is a stellar wet dry vac and it works as advertised all the time. Ridgid has a good customer support, and they are also offering an extendable warranty program for most of their products.

Ridgid Pros & Cons

  • PRO
  • CON
  • Quick release drain port for faster emptying.
  • Power cord extends up to 20 inches.
  • Extra dust filters and accessories included with first time purchase.
  • 6 HP suction power.
  • Comes with a free accessories carry bag for first time customers.
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Just as I mentioned it earlier, if convenience and portability are your main concern then, Dewalt cordless shop vacuum is made for you. It also means that you need to sacrifice a bit on performance because cordless units involve batteries. We all know that wherever batteries are used, you are looking at a preset timer, after which, the product will cease to function.

dewalt cordless shop vacuum


But then again, they were a little crafty with this Dewalt shop vac. They alternatively released a corded version of the DCV581H series. For those who need top notch performance, the corded unit variant can make up for any lack of results in the cordless counterpart for that specific matter.

For argument’s sake, we used the Dewalt cordless version, while knowing that this shop vac unit cannot to put to test against all the different factors that were mentioned at the start of this best shop vac comparison guide. In that sense, this shop vac is ideal for people on the move, or for small apartment owners who like a squeaky-clean experience when it comes to:

  • Cleaning accidental liquid spills, glass shards etc. 
  • Cleaning sawdust at garage and on/around main worktable.
  • Cleaning wall chippings, wood shavings and dry paint compound.
  • Cleaning driveways for any Fall/Autumn season leaves.

You get the idea, right? The performance of this cordless vacuum is superb, especially when it is used for light to moderate amount of work. Anything involving flooded basements, wet sand or semi solid liquids will heavily impact this power tool performance. First time buyers won’t know the difference and they will think that Dewalt made an inferior product.

By the way, we compared and tested the Dewalt cordless wet dry vac against Milwaukee 088020 18 Volt cordless vacuum. Dewalt clearly exceeded our expectations because Milwaukee wet dry vac unit was lagging behind on the amount of debris collected within a minute, water suction and vice versa.

Speaking of water suction, this vacuum unit is good and effective if it comes to cleaning clogged/ completely blocked basins and toilets. Since the amount of water is moderate at the least, the Dewalt vacuum unit does not have any trouble in sucking in that much liquid sludge.

From hygiene perspective, we wouldn’t really recommend that you use this wet/dry vac for cleaning shitters. If there is no choice, then make sure that you have at least removed all the smelly content and gray water residue before inserting the Dewalt wet dry vac suction hose in there.

Other Factors That Make Dewalt DCV581H Cordless Wet Dry Vac Better Than a Milwaukee 088020 18 Volt Wet Dry Vac Unit:

shop vacuum


  • Dewalt DCV581H cordless and corded shop vac units are much quieter than Milwaukee wet dry vacs within the same price margin. The latter produces a high pitched screaming sound, which makes it all the more unbearable to use the unit as a handheld product.
  • Although, Milwaukee 088020 18 Volt shop vacuum is cordless, it does not come with a portable extension cord. Say that again? Yeah, it turns out that Dewalt has also introduced a cord for the cordless version of their shop vac because they wanted to offer uninterrupted performance to the users.
  • The DCV581H cordless wet dry vacuum is smaller, curvier and lighter as compared to Milwaukee and other handheld shop vacs. It was a major plus for us, and helped us to recommend this unit to people who are leaning on a portable hassle free product recommendation.

By the way, Dewalt is offering a 3-year factory repairs warranty on the Dewalt wet/dry vac. Just in case you run into any trouble, just head over to your nearest customer center and turn in the vacuum for quick processing. They may take 1 – 2 weeks to issue a new unit, but if you go there early, the time period for warranty claim may be less.

Dewalt Pros & Cons

  • PRO
  • CON
  • Offers on board tools and accessories storage capacity.
  • Dewalt DCV581H is offered as cordless and corded unit. Guess it takes the versatility factor to an entirely different level for people who are both interested in cords and a cord free user experience.
  • Very effective when it comes to cleaning or sucking in lightweight debris. Yes, that includes golf balls too in case they are accidentally chucked in water or something like that.
  • Comes with 3 years parts and repair warranty on brand new purchase.
  • Overall it is a quiet unit with low noise emission rate.
  • Extremely good build quality. It can sustain rough handling for a couple of years before breaking down.
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Later down in this write-up, we also recommended Shop-Vac 5989400 8 Gallons wet dry vac unit, but Craftsman XSP is listed above the former because of several reasons. To make matters interesting and relatively easier for us to order both of these wet dry vacs in terms of performance, we did a side-by-side comparison test over more or less the same amount of variables.By the way, this is only the second time a Craftsman product made the cut on one of our reviews, the first time we tested a Craftsman product was in our table saw review.

craftsman 16 gallon wet/dry vac


Craftsman XSP qualified as a go to unit because it tackles heavy-duty work easily. Just to give you a rough estimate, this shop vac gutted and refinished manually flooded basement relatively quickly as compared to Shop Vac 5989400 series unit.

Also, Craftsman XSP comes with a 16 gallon storage capacity, whereas ShopVac’s model only offers 8 gallon capacity. By the way, Shop Vac manufacturers re-introduced the same model with new and improved features, but it is not as much effective as the Craftsman.

The byproduct of its heft is the 16-gallon storage capacity. Once Craftsman reaches at its maximum limit, it becomes difficult to lift the unit, or haul it around for that matter. However, the company introduced a robust “pump” feature for those who are looking to drain all the liquid automatically without any manual labor or whatsoever.

Out of the Box Experience:

craftsman shop vac filter


This “experience” is only applicable to those who have purchased a brand new unit of the Craftsman 16 gallon wet/dry vac. eBay and many other private shop vac forums are selling Used/Refurbished/Reconditioned units at a lower price, but those Craftsman vacuum units do not come with all the accessories.

Anyhow, Craftsman XSP comes with a couple of filters. Some of these air filters are for wet cleaning purposes, while others are made for dry use. There is a ginormous 6’ x ½ inch diameter hose and two extension wands to help make cleaning the vac itself and suction an easy-peasy experience.

In addition, Craftsman also included an 8-Inch crevice nozzle, a utility nozzle and a wet nozzle for users who want a versatile cleaning experience. These nozzles have an insertable squeegee brush for cleaning them after you are done with a room, or a basement for that matter. Overall, we liked the accessories to the point that they helped make cleaning a relatively quick process for us.

Usage Vs. Ergonomics:

Ergonomics wise,the XSP has a slim handle, which makes it easy for users to operate the unit. Also, at the same time, there are Pos-I Lock style ports on the hose, inlet and the blower sides so that you can latch the hose on the Craftsman shop vac unit’s body whenever it’s needed. This way, the hose and the extension cord don’t drag behind on the floor wherever users need to take the unit.

By the way, Craftsman XSP wet dry 16 gallon vac also has wire holders; they are mounted on the top side of the main vac unit. The inclusion of those wire and hose carry latches take ergonomics to the next level. It gives a boost to the usability factor in that sense.

Speaking of usability, there is a blower mechanism in the Craftsman wet dry vac. Why would you need the blower system? Well, if you are looking to blow dry leaves and push them to a corner, or thinking of jolt cleaning a completely blocked basin drain hole, the feature can work wonders.

There are detailed video and text guides on how to use a shop vac for clearing basic blockage. Make sure you go through those tutorials before actually using the unit.

Suction Power:

Earlier models of the XSP had a 3 Hp rating, but new ones have a peak 6.5 HP. The new and improved motor will help in cleaning both your indoor and outdoor areas with thorough results. Shop Vac’s aforementioned model lacked behind because it’s HP was around 6.0. The surplus .5 HP makes this Craftsman product a better substitute in the long run.

Craftsman Co. also added a polythene bag to withhold any liquid messes from actually making contact  with the insides of the holding canister. Since these bags are removable, it not only keeps the smell at bay, but also makes it relatively easy for folks to clean the wet dry vac itself. A lot of manufacturers make extra effort to highlight the said product’s performance, but they hardly talk about how users can keep the wet dry vac unit clean and odor free for months to come.

best wet dry vac


Craftsman Pros & Cons

  • PRO
  • CON
  • Craftsman XSP can suck in 2+ gallons of liquid in 10 seconds.
  • Comes with extra accessories, nozzle heads and cleaning ports.
  • Has a solid ergonomics rating as compared to Dewalt, Milwaukee and Shop Vac Co. series wet dry vacuums.
  • Comes with two extension wands.
  • Has an on board tools storage section for users looking to keep cleaning cloth, brushes and other condiments on the vac’s body 24/7.

Who Can Use the Craftsman XSP 16 Gallon Wet Dry Vac?

Since this is a versatile unit, it gives usage factor a broader perspective. I forgot to mention that this Craftsman XSP also has 360-degree swivel casters – hence maneuverability also kicks in for users who have to move a lot from one area of a small room to another.

For people looking to flush flooded areas, basements, basins or blocked drains, this wet dry vacuum cleaner is a perfect match. Likewise, it works to remove any clogs in dishwashers. The unit is equally recommended to both homeowners and contractors who are just getting started on taking cleaning services contracts as a career buildup option.

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Stanley Wet Dry 8-Gallon vac came as a loaner units from one of the associates of Powertoolbuzz. Initially, this unit wasn’t on our radar – and even after getting the loaner unit, we did some extra research to make sure that we end up recommending something worth your time and money.

stanley shop vac


We were surprised to find out that Amazon is retailing 10 different variants of Stanley at a different price to help users buy the vacuum cleaner of their choice. The variations were entirely created as standalone units of the same Stanley Wet Dry vac by Stanley Co.

The company also took the liberty of tweaking the horsepower and other associated ratings to cycle between the results. Since pricing is no longer an issue when it comes to this stainless steel wet dry vac unit, one can either go for a 4 gallon + 4 HP combo, or an 8 Gallon + 4.5 HP combo.

The point is that once you are at Amazon, you will find out that Stanley Co. took a lot of time in creating this wet dry vac for potential users from all walks of life.

Top it off with a pin drop silent user experience, you are looking at a shop vac that doesn’t scream like a Milwaukee handheld shop vacuum. Speaking of Milwaukee shop vac, I had to use ear plugs to prevent my ears from catching on that shrilling noise while the vac was in motion. It was kind of a downer for me, and other associate testers at Powertoolbuzz.

I personally liked the visual appeal of this Stanley stainless steel wet dry vac unit. It has a stainless steel barrel with shiny rings around the middle and bottom areas. Kind of gives it that ‘Breaking Bad’ chemical barrel appeal if you are into the TV series. On a serious note, the stainless steel build gives the tank added resilience against hard surfaces in case it tips over, or falls from top of the stairs all the way down.

On the same note, not all Stanley models are as quiet or durable as this one. For instance, we found out that Stanley SL18129 wet dry vac had an ear blasting noise level. It scored a full 97 Db, which is the highest noise level for any shop vac we tested during the trial phase. So, if you are considering buying a wet dry vac from this company, make sure that you read all the features list alongside product specification details etc.

Stanley Shop Vac Features:

  • Heavy duty motor variants offered in form of different Stanley models. Make sure you are checking out the complete list at the online retailer website.
  • Powerful blower motor feature for raking in leaves, dust and debris piles.
  • 4 swivel 360 degree rotation casters for added maneuverability.
  • Stanley Wet Dry is offering different accessories as bundle deals on brand new purchase of this unit. Details are available at Amazon, and other online retailer websites.

Like all other units, we also tested this power tool against different variables. First of all we threw a man made garbage combination of screws and mulch on the floor. The vacuum was quick enough to suck in screws, but the mulch needed a second pass.

shop vacuum


Next came the water suction test. The Stanley shop vacuum was able to suck in one gallon of water in exactly 4.65 seconds. Now it may not seem a lot, but if you double the gallons to two and multiply 4.65 with 2, you get 9.3 seconds on the timer. This is exactly 0.7 seconds less than the 2-gallon suction timer of the Ridgid wet dry shop vac as mentioned earlier in the article.

Among different benefits of owning a Stanley Wet Dry vac, there were some let down aspects. For example, there is no drain valve on the unit. You need to tip it over to one side every time the barrel needs to be emptied. I don’t know why Stanley Co., never added a drain valve because it is more of a common feature in almost every other wet dry model out there in the market these days.

The dumping makes it difficult for people to keep their shoes and clothes from getting dirty. If there was at least a drain valve or a pump feature in this Stanley shop vac unit, we’d have given it a stellar 5/5 rating.

Stanley Co. included 3 different short hoses as part of the accessories for this unit. The hoses may seem short, but the interesting thing is that they can be combined as one big hose for users who want to cover more area in their house. Therefore, if a hose is too short, you can combine two or all three to reach far corners of an area that you are looking to clean in the near future.

When placed on the side, it was conveniently easy for the unit to fit inside car trunks, and camper vehicle storage bays – that is if you are a contractor, or looking to travel for vacations, you can take this Stanley shop vacuum unit with you. Campers can also clean their vehicle with this vac, but they will need a reliable power source since it is not a cordless unit.

Stanley Pros & Cons

  • PRO
  • CON
  • The review only unit of Stanley Wet Dry vac, which we used, was extremely quiet. Other models may not be as quiet or noise free as this one.
  • Small tank size allows for easy transportation.
  • Comes with 3 short hoses for individual isolated use, or they can be combined to shape up one long hose for longer reach.
  • Includes a smaller diameter hose as a separate add-on accessory. This hose allows for cleaning corners, and conjoining spots where two bodies converge.
  • Good shelf life and durability.

Last but not the least, if you are looking to clean a large pile of debris with Stanley Wet Dry vac, make sure that you sweep most of it with a good ol’ broom. If you are going to insert the suction head into the pile all at once, it will create a choke point inside the hose.

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shop vac wet dry vacuum

Source:Shop Vac

Shop Vac Co. is regarded as one of the original manufacturers of wet dry shop vacs. I won’t get into a lot of argument over that. What really matters is how well the vacuum fared in terms of performance and other results.

The Shop Vac 5989400 series unit came with an 8 gallon storage capacity. An interesting find was the fact that Shop Vac guys had an older model going on under the same model series numbering. The old version had a 5.5 HP, but the new one comes with 6.0 HP. Some say that it peaks at 6.5 under certain conditions and against different materials, but we averaged at about 6.0 to be honest.

Out of the Box Experience:

Aside from the accessories and other stuff, assembling the Shop Vac 5989400 was a quick and painless task. Since we knew what we were doing, it took around 5 – 10 minutes to completely assemble the Shop Vac wet dry vacuum unit and get it going.

First timers, may need to refer to the instructions manual. Speaking of which, the Shop Vac 5989400 instructions manual was bit of a let down. I can live with a bit of French and Spanish as long as the manual has detailed diagrams pointing to the assembly mechanism, but Shop Vac Co. got a little too wordy. Some of the explanations were completely irrelevant to the 5989400 model.

I guess, the company was aiming for covering models under one instructions manual, but they ended up confusing first time readers instead. A golden tip for such manufacturers would be to keep the instructions manual short and add tons of diagrams with proper numbering. Even if it is a manual for non-English readers, it will equally help English speaking folks for that matter.

Moving on, the Shop Vac 5989400 wet dry unit had storage bay for keeping tools and necessary cleaning material on board. However, the holding ports for those tools that have to be hung at the side of the canister is of inferior quality. If the vacuum cleaner is hauled off quickly, expect the accessories to fall off.

Usage Vs. Results:

Initial use against dust, grime and mulch yielded good results. I was impressed with the performance and so were the rest of the staff at Powertoolbuzz. We attribute performance metrics of the Shop Vac 5989400 model to the increased amount of HP, which comes in the latest models. In some sense, the power is more like raw element, waiting to be wielded and put to good use.


Source:Shop Vac

On the same note, the latest new and improved Shop Vac models of this wet dry mini vac are coming with a longer cord. Previous models had a short cord, which took a toll on the mobility factor. Since this a wet dry vac, it’s performance was slightly different on dry and wet services for that matter.

We noticed that the filter and bag did not need to be changed/ emptied on regular run-ins against dry vacuuming. This is a plus one for those users who are specifically looking to clean surfaces instead of alternating between wet and dry ones on different occasions.

To get the most out of Shop Vac 5989400 wet dry vac, you should use it large patios for blowing leaves, sucking in liquid, garages, cars, basements etc. What makes this unit a safe bet for first timers who have never tried any of the Shop Vac Co. products before is the 3-year warranty.

However, the warranty comes in with a brand new purchase. If you are buying a used 5989400 vac, make sure that you ask for the warranty card or proof of purchase from the previous owner to see how many months you are left with.

A word of caution to new users would be to be careful with how they use Shop Vac 5989400 wet dry vac. Under any circumstances, you should not pull the vacuum by the hose while it is attached. Also, the entire build quality is kind of flimsy, which calls for careful handling whenever you are using the unit.

Speaking of careful handling, DO NOT use the plastic handle on the top of the unit to pick the unit up. Yes, the purpose of the handle is to serve carrying related needs, but this is a plastic handle. It will snap off very soon if you keep on lifting the Shop Vac 5989400 unit repeatedly. Especially if the tank is full on liquid, you should avoid lifting the body of the unit by the handle.

Shop Vac Pros & Cons

  • PRO
  • CON
  • Easy assembly. Most of the parts are pre-assembled such as the wheelbase etc. You just need to push in the latches for quick installation.
  • Comes with 3 year warranty.
  • Has a rear side blower port that can be attached with add-on hoses purchased later.
  • Shop Vac 5989400 also has on board tools, cord and hose storage bays.
  • Overall, it is a lightweight unit requiring little to no maintenance in the end.
  • Works well on dry surfaces.
  • By pairing up this unit with other company accessories, you can refine the results. We noticed that the combination of a roller brush with Shop Vac 5989400 offered a great way of cleaning hardwood floors.
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Closing Thoughts On the Shop Vac

Currently, the market is brimming with way too many wet/dry vac models under different brand names.  Out of the very few models that we listed above - they do not make up for what someone would call a fully fledged list of best shop vacs in 2024. Since technology is always evolving, companies keep on releasing bigger and better models of the same products over a certain time period.

best shop vac review

Therefore, make sure you are doing your own research by reading user reviews and communicating with verified owners of wet dry vacs. A good place to get started would be the comments section of Powertoobuzz website, or by signing up at different forums for that matter. Thanks for reading our post and please leave your own shop vac experiences in the comments below.

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