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Best Lawn Mower In 2024 Review

best lawn mower review

Best Lawn Mower in 2024 – A Lawn Mower Comparison Guide for First Timers

Don't Feel Like Reading Our Lawn Mower Reviews? Here Is Our Top Choice

greenworks lawn mower

If you plan on buying the best lawn mower, my first choice would be the Greenworks 22022 Electric Lawn Mower. This mower is easy to maneuver over all sorts of lawn designs; it has 7 adjustable cutting settings and a 20 inch blade diameter. More so, this push mower model is a low maintenance product with an above average lifespan that comes with a 4 year warranty. It only takes 15 mins. to assemble it and get it ready for your first cut.

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Hi there, it’s that time of the week where I rant about different products and pick one as the ultimate contender. This week’s topic is best lawn mower in 2019, which is a tad bit complicated for a variety of reasons. On the outside, push mowers are a simple machine; you push them on your grassy knolls while the blades take care of the rest.

In reality, there are a lot of things going on inside the lawn mower unit – they all contribute to the efficiency of the product itself. Depending on the type of mower you are using, other things, such as; maintenance factor and common hacks can affect the way your lawn is going to look in the end.

I spent the last few weeks on a 4,300 square foot lawn; courtesy of a distant friend. Some of the boys from Power Tool Buzz also joined in – and we all tested different models of each mower. The conclusion is that as long as you are maintaining the lawn mower and avoiding some of the most common mistakes that amateur level mowers make, you are in good hands.

A top of the line model of a latest lawn mower unit will go as far as what’s written on the masthead. If you really want to crank out perfection and performance, you need to make sure you are following some basic rituals which I will mention later in this lawn mower review.

Quick Comparison


Grass Bag Capacity

Cutting Width



Check Price

Honda HRR216VKA

1.9 bushells

 21 inch.


3 years

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Toro MWR22


22 inch.


2 year

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Husqvarna HU800AWDH

2.4 cu feet

22 inch.


1 year

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Greenworks 22022


20 inch.


4 years

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Poulan Pro 967044401


20 inch.

40V Battery

4 years

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Sun Joe MJ401E-BLK

10.6 Gallon

14 inch.


2 year

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Our Top 6 Best Lawn Mowers for 2024

Best Push Mower

Not into a lot of reading, eh? Our top contender for this week is Greenworks’ lawn mower. It’s an electric lawn mower, it’s cheap and does work the extra mile on a long range of grassy terrains.

Greenworks Mower Features:

This electric mower offers a variety of features, such as but not limited to the following.

  • Extra wide cutting deck of 20 inches
  • Three grass clippings management options
  • Seven cutting height adjustments for the perfect cut
  • Quiet and environmentally friendly
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Low maintenance
greenworks lawn mower
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Throughout my career, I have met all kinds of folks as long as it concerns garden related antics. Believe it or not, there is a small percentage of users who have plastic made turfs! Apparently, they didn’t have enough time or knowledge to maintain a lawn, or a small garden patch for that matter. If you are a homeowner who is considering transitioning from artificial flora n’ fauna to the real thing, this article is for you.

Since you’re going to need a mower, it is important that whatever product you are buying is worth the time and effort. Having said that, if you have a bigger lawn, you will need a gas lawn mower, or a self propelled garden mower. If you have a small patch of lush green grass, stick with a medium performance mower. The maintenance factor is more or less the same – regardless of which type of best push mower you have in your possession.

Speaking of maintenance, I’d advice that you try your hand with electric/ self propelled mowers. Compared to gas mowers, at least you will not have to deal with engine related issues, frequent oil changes and vice versa. My personal favorites are the gas and fuel mowers; no matter how big or clunky they are, their performance is always far better than any other electric mower in the market.

best push mower

How Power Tool Buzz Selected It's Lawn Mowers?

The lineup was pretty long; I, and some of the co-reviewers had to take the responsibility of testing electric only category. Those who felt confident with steam punk gas lawn mowers, they dedicated their time to testing that specific category.

Eventually, the best lawn mower selection came down to top reliable brands ranging from Honda, GreenWorks, Husqvarna, Toro and Poulan Pro. I am sure you haven’t heard about Poulan Pro, they are a relatively new lawn mower manufacturer, but their products are worth checking out. I will get to Poulan Pro mower later in this lawn mower review.

Common Rule of Thumb If You Are Out Looking for Push Mowers in 2024

Make a list of all the popular brands and then check out their individual lawn mower reviews on the internet. Make sure you are weeding your way through verified customer reviews – as they are the ones that are unbiased and mostly authentic. This will help you to narrow your selection to mowers from top brands with solid reputation.

The next thing which I did was keeping to a uniform lawn size with mostly leveled terrain size. The type of grass also contributes to resisting the grass cutter blades, but the actual terrain size matters a lot. Therefore, we all decided to avoid riding lawn mowers – except for 1 or 2 brands. The lawn sizes since 2016 have shrunk, and we didn’t have much wiggle room anyway.

We also set a cap for the price tag. Since affordability is also one of our main concern, we remained within a general budget which a potential lawn mower owner would feel comfortable with. Also, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to overspend on a power tool if you don’t have a big lawn.

Chances are that for most part of the year, your brand new mower will remain in garage storage. Obviously, you will also not lend it to neighbors – seeing how much money you spent on the unit itself. So, why blow a major chunk of budget in this scenario?

lawn mower review


Most Important Lawn Mower Features For You To Look For?

Type of Lawn Mower: Right off the bat, you need to size up your lawn and then consider a mower type. The easiest way is to consult with an “experienced” sales rep at a real life retailer shop. Make sure that the guy you are discussing your options with, seems genuinely interested in selling you the right type of grass cutter instead of the other way around.

The three main categories for homeowners to consider are a. Gas Lawn Mower, b. Electric Lawn Mower, and c. Manual Lawn Mower. These categories are very broad and there’s a lot to consider within each one of them.

Options for Bagging Grass Leaves, Clutter and Residue: If you have a fast growing lawn, you will need a mower with spacious bagging option. Most of the models come with a baggage and mulching compartment but they are not big enough. The grass clipping, dry leaves and other garbage can take up a lot of space in a small amount of time.

From future proofing perspective, I’d say you should go for a bigger bag + mulcher combo. You never know when they might come in handy.

Do I Need Push Lawn Mower or Self Propelled Mower? Push mowers are not commonly used these days. However, they are less complicated; they have minimum maintenance – other than blade realignment in case of any issue, and they are easy to operate.

If you ask me, I’d choose a push style lawn mower for the sake of burning calories. The trend has otherwise changed because people expect to get done with their lawn in an hour or so. For that very reason, they stick to electric, self propelled and other automatic garden tools.

Oh yeah, the bigger ones have a lot of noise, smoke and fumes associated with them as a by-product. If you don’t mind the smell of petrol going up your nostrils or destroying the ozone layer, pick up the smokiest son of a ***ch in the market!

Lawn Mower Maintenance Makes the “Best” Out of Your Lawn Mower

And that’s where we get down to discussing about how to get the most out of your so-called best lawn mower. For any lawn mower review website, it is very easy to just jot down a couple of models and then write about them in detail – all for the sake of making sales. At Powertoolbuzz, we don’t do that kind of shit because we are an unbiased online resource where you are more important to us than making a few bucks on the side through affiliate sales.

Any power tool deserves maintenance and care from its owner. Speaking of lawn mowers, I believe that changing engine oil, air filter and blade sharpening are the essential parts of cranking out the maximum performance on any given day.

Lawn Mower Blade Sharpening 101

If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, plan on sharpening your mower blades at least once in a season. That’s not a lot to ask. Dull blades can skip resilient grass n’ weed clippings. You will know that if you have to make second, third or fourth pass on the same patch without any visible results. While, checking for blade height may be a good solution, there’s a very strong chance that the blade set has gone dull.

Sharpening mower blades more than a few times in one season is like asking for a perfect lushious lawn. A lot of online retailers sell lawn mower blade sharpening kits on the side. At Amazon, these kits are available as add-on product – and they should be visible underneath the main product. Sometimes, depending on the lawn mower brand, you may get the blade sharpening maintenance kit for free as part of the accessories.

To sharpen the blade, make sure you are cleaning it first. The abrasive compound can wear away from the high spots, leaving behind a keen edge. Now you need to run the sharpening reel, carbide scrapper or steel file backwards against the course of the blade to sharpen them efficiently.

If this is your first time sharpening mower blades, perhaps it’s best to seek the service of a handyman. They will do the job for you for a small fee of course. In my experience, while we were all reviewing lawn mowers, a common observation was that powered mower blades are easier to sharpen. The fact that their blades are like small axes makes it easy to sharpen them in a few attempts.

self propelled lawn mower


The Big Issue With Winterizing Gas Lawn Mowers

Yeah, that’s a problem especially during winter season. The cold temperature causes the gas mower engine to go dead. If you are not going to be using your gas lawn mower during the entire winter season, make sure that you have emptied the tank, or used all the gas before putting the lawn mower unit in storage.

Gas can go stale after a while. It also creates a layer of residue inside the engine, which can cause startup issues, engine choking and other things. The best bet is to empty the lawn mower tank. If that’s not an option, add a liquid fuel stabilizer to the gas tank. It’ll prolong the life of the gas for several months.

Likewise, you’re going to need a high quality engine oil for long term performance. Just like your car’s engine, your mower engine also needs oil for lubrication. If there’s no oil, the pistons will crank and the engine will overheat. As a side effect, the engine heads will bend permanently out of shape. You don’t want that to happen in any case.

Last but not the least, don’t forget to do spark plug and lawn mower body cleaning. These two rituals are an easy way of getting more than average lifetime results from any power tool in your possession. I am not going to talk about how to properly mow the lawn. Doing so will derail me off course. You can, however, find tons of lawn mower maintenance, usage and DIY tutorial vids on the internet.

Let’s talk about the lawn mowers in detail.

Best Electric

Greenworks has always been on our radar for being a neat go-to solution of any power tool in the market. Their products are relatively cheap because the units sit somewhere in between more value for money for low ticket price. Secondly, I have personally reviewed a couple of Greenworks tools already at Power Tool Buzz such as the CS40L210 Chainsaw and their  1600 Pressure Washer model– so, there’s a sense of trust developed already.

Coming to the Greenworks lawn mower, this one is called Greenworks 22022 series mower. It has a gigantic 20’’ blade diameter; it’s more than enough to cover a sizeable chunk of small lawn. You also have electricity as you main power source. This eliminates the need of worrying about limited fuel reserve and smokey fumes for that matter.

greenworks electric lawn mower


A few tips for those buying Greenworks electric mower are appended below:

  • The toughest part of owning this electric mower, or any other electric category mower, is the power cord. It gets in the way, it can electrocute you to a fried crisp – should the blade ever cut the cable and the handles of the lawn mower are not insulated, and you also need to make sure that you are keeping to one specific direction for keeping the power cord to the side.
  • The top of the handle is held by nice n’ easy grip brackets. You can fold the top half of these brackets when you want to store the lawn mower in the garage.
  • It is highly recommended that you buy a distinct colored power extension cord with at least 50 Ft. length. The color needs to be sharp and bright so that you can always pick out where the cable is lying on the grass.
  • This one is a general tip: You need to figure out your lawn’s pattern and memorize it in regards to the distance with the power source. It will take a week or two to get the movements in order, which will eventually save you time and effort. People who don’t know or remember where the next line of grass is, their lawn has an unkempt look. Take your U-turns at the edges and stick to a style you find most convenient.

Great Design:

They have incorporated the signature 2-in-1 design between side discharge, mulching and rear bagging. In fact, it’d be best to call it a ‘3-in-1’ electric push mower, where you can use it in any way you like.

In case you don’t know anything about mulching, it is a way of fertilizing the soil patch. You can mulch your garden at the same time while Greenworks lawn mower is engaged in collecting grass clippings in the side discharge bag.

Practically Noiseless:

Your neighbors will thank you for owning a quiet push mower. I have woken up to the thrashing sound of mowers from several blocks away. Therefore, I understand how painful it feels – especially when you have only one Sunday to rest and the pesky neighbor wakes up everyone.

Greenworks 22022 is not only noiseless, but it is also environmental friendly. The machine has a very low fume emission rate. Same goes for the smell. Since there is no gas in this lawn mower, a headache should be the least of your concerns.

Cost Effectiveness:

One of the biggest benefits of owning this mower is the savings factor. Since this is an electric unit, you will not be spending any additional cash on gas, engine oil and other engine related accessories. The gas expense is more like a compound interest that cannot be avoided throughout the ownership of the lawn mower.

greenworks lawn mower


Height Adjustment Support:

This Greenworks 22022 model has 7 different cutting height adjustment patterns. How cool is that? Apparently, you should start from medium height to put less amount of burden on the chopper blades. Once you are done with the first pass of the entire lawn, it is time to keep the blade height to a low setting – whichever works for you.

Lightweight Profile:

As always Greenworks has kept the weight factor to a minimum. Their other products are also lightweight despite of being in the same league as the competitors’. Model Greenworks 22022 electric gras mower is not only strong, but it’s frame is so light that even women can mow their garden if the husbands are not up to the task!

Greenworks Pros & Cons

  • PRO
  • CON
  • Easy to Install: Takes about 15 minutes to assemble this mower for the first time.
  • Easy to maneuver over all sorts of lawn designs.
  • 7 adjustable blade cutting settings.
  • 20 Inch blade diameter for maximum lawn coverage.
  • No need for spending on a mounting fuel, filter and engine oil bill.
  • Low maintenance product with above average life span.
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Best Cordless

One of my personal favorites is the Honda gas lawn mower. This bad boy has your very own original Honda Co. engine that can chug out more life than average products in the market. The developers threw in couple of fancy features such as auto choke, smart drive and micro cut twin blades for doling out a nice visual appeal on your lawn.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I think the engine is 160 CC. you can, however, let us know the correct power through an email or the comments section below. Compared to Greenworks push mower, the Honda gras mower has 6 adjustable height settings. That’s one less for anyone looking to go down all the way on the lawn to the last available level.

If this is your first time with HRR216K9VKA series , you should know that it is available as a self propelled and manual type. Self propelled mowers cost $40 - $50 more than the regular version but it is totally worth it. If you are a bargain shopper, you can perhaps get a discount. However, Amazon and other retailers are selling this Honda lawn mower at a fixed price.

honda self propelled lawn mower


Buying from Amazon gives you an ironclad buyer protection. Should something go wrong with this Honda self propelled lawn mower, the big guys have your back. Buying from other retailers or 3rd party websites will become a pain in the neck if you need to claim the warranty. Honda is offering 3 years parts and services warranty on this cordless lawn mower, but it will break down at some point within the warranty tenure.

Dual Blades Are Awesome:

Dual blades are a little hard to sharpen, but they carry 2x effectiveness over regular grass cutter blades. I personally didn’t know how effective these blades were until I tried the HRR216K9VKA series Lawn Mower myself. Mulched grass is powdered in no time!

Fires Right Away:

This Honda lawn mower starts right away on the first pull of the engine cord. This is the kind of performance I expect from all kinds of small engines, but sadly that’s not the case. Come to think of it, the engines on power generators are so effd up that they take multiple pulls until your arm is dislocated from the joint.

During off season, such as Winters, or in case when the Honda mower is stored for ages, the engine may take a while to start. In my experience, it took 3 pulls to start the engine after the lawn mower was left in the storage for over a month. The gas tends to get stale inside the pipes.

Some of the Setbacks of This Cordless Lawn Mower:

On the downside, Honda HRR216K9VKA series, and many other mower units within the same capacity, take a toll on consumers’ health. The engine emits fumes no matter how good it gets. Even if the manufacturers have explicitly labelled the box as ‘Environmental Friendly’, you will be dealing with smoke and fume at some point. The smell factor is also there. If you are using a low quality gas variant, the smell can shoot up a massive headache through your nostrils.

Another setback of owning a Honda gas driven model is the additional expense on fuel and other accessories. Also, there’s no quick wash port on top of the unit, so you need to flip it over if it needs thorough cleaning. Just be careful while doing that because you might end up breaking it.

honda push mower


Noise and Weight Ratio:

The Honda HRR216K9VKA mower is noisy. It maxes out at 95dB, which is more than enough to deprive the nearest neighbor of his sleep. If you are looking to mow the lawn on the weekend, make sure it’s going down in the afternoon, or during hours when most of the people are awake.

An alternative to the Honda HRR216K9VKA would be the Craftsman 37441, but I am only suggesting it based off of noise levels. The latter seems to have bearable noise, which should keep you and the people around you happy.

As far as weight is concerned, this beastly lawn mower weighs in at 84 Lbs. Add 10 more Lbs. of shipping weight if you are considering adding extra during the order transit process. With 84 Lbs., you can be sure of a lot of immobility. The lawn mower cannot be easily lifted singlehandedly, but Honda Co. added wheels to increase the mobility factor.

The rear wheels are installed at a good height. It can be further increased if you are looking for a personalized experience. I think that wheel height adjustment is rarely called for because people stick to a specific cutting height – and then continue to use this walk behind lawn mower that way for years to come. It is a matter of feeling comfortable at a personal level with a power tool.

Honda Pros & Cons

  • PRO
  • CON
  • Comes with 3 Year(s) limited warranty. Honda Co. covers the Honda HRR216K9VKA and the non propelled lawn mower variant under the same warranty.
  • Has a detailed user manual for easy understanding.
  • 160 CC engine power.
  • Features dual blade for not only fast and easy cutting, but also rendering grass to a splintery paste during the mulching phase.
  • Variable speed adjustment mode.
  • 6 setting height adjustment feature.
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Best Lawn Mower Reviews Video

Best Budget

This one is called the Toro Smart Stow Sp mower in shorthand language. Let’s just stick to calling it the Toro lawn mower. Not one of my personal favorites, but some of the Power Tool Buzz reviewers took a gander at this product and decided to include it in our lawn mower review. It's only the second time a Toro product made it into one of our reviews, the other Toro review you can find in our snow blower product review we did a while back.

Toro is not everyone’s cup of tea. If I have to choose between Honda, Husqvarna and Toro, I’d go for the first two. This mower is good in its own league, but it has the tenacity to disappoint you when you are least expecting it.

On the bright side, this Toro lawn mower starts on the first pull. Yes, this is a gas powered engine lawn mower. Provided that you are taking care of the unit, it will continue to work for over a decade. The motor runs great; it does require a bit of push on the unit to get the actual mowing going on.

A quick fix seems to be the replacement of the drive belt. This belt determines how much force the engine motor can take for the “self propeller” to kick in. This mower has a clearance diameter of 22 Inches. You will need to make sharp U turns as the grass line ends.

toro lawn mower


The Setbacks of Owning a Toro SmartStow Lawn Mower:

Poor Build Quality:

Although most of the build is metal, some of the core parts are plastic. The carburetor is made of hard plastic; could you believe that? As a result, the little fella’ blocks a lot whenever you are using E-10 category gas.

Likewise, Shell and BP Co. gas also clogs the carburetor for some reason. Toro should have mentioned it on the gas tank because many people are in the habit of using Ethanol Free Gas. The only workaround solution is to use E-0 category gas. Using other categories chokes the engine and the carburetor within the first 20 minutes of pouring the gas inside the tank.

toro self propelled lawn mower


Apparently, Toro Co. also installed the SmartPace feature in this model. The objective of this feature was to offer people a freehand at self propulsion, but it doesn’t work. Since the driveway belt is of substandard quality, the mower has to be pushed a little. It becomes a shove when the belt gets old.

The handle is only adjustable to two levels. It is okay because I am a shorty and don’t have any issues with handle adjustment. Taller users complained about hunching over this Toro self-propelled mower. The company should have made a foldable, or a retractable handle design with lock mechanism on the sides.

Toro Pros & Cons

  • PRO
  • CON
  • Long Life and Durability: This is entirely subject to how you treat and maintain your Toro lawn mower. The drive belt, engine oil, exhaust filter and gas need to be changed on regular intervals. Failing to do so would compromise the shelf life of the unit.
  • Offers a fantastic range of motion to medium height folks.
  • Self propel feature works flawlessly as long as the drive belt is in pristine working condition.
  • Big gas tank opening allows for quick filling.
  • Overall feels solid and has enough weight to give an authoritative look.
  • Engine starts in first pull… usually.
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Best Self Propelled

Oh yeah, this is top of the line premium product for all the lawn mowing aficionados who are looking to buy a slightly pricier unit worth the long term investment. Husqvarna Co. has a good track record for releasing stable and works-as-advertised sort of power tools.

On the same note, Husqvarna is not the company that everyone should go for. If you are a first time user with little or no experience with lawn mowers, stay away from this one. Husqvarna mower easily nets a $500 cost – and that too adds up when you are looking at fuel, engine oil and other accessories related expense.

However, I can swear by my old granny’s grave that Husqvarna makes up for the steep price by offering a plethora of future proof features in whichever product you are considering buying. In addition, the Husqvarna lawnmower has not only garnered a cult like following within various lawn mowing communities, but it hardly has any issues no matter how roughly you will be using it.

husqvarna self propelled lawn mower



They shaped the Husqvarna self-propelled mower in such a way that it requires minimal effort on the users’ part. Especially those who are suffering from chronic back pain, will find this Husqvarna tool a great convenience without any hassle. Normally, I’d advice a riding lawn mower for people with back pain, but since this one is 100% auto walk unit, you have nothing to worry about except for making that turn at the end of the lawn line.

There are tons of other Husqvarna lawn mower models, but the reason we all recommend the 961450021 HU800AWDH series is because of the value driven results. The low maintenance factor is an overall plus one on this whole deal but there are a lot of other reasons to go for this garden mower. Read on…

Engine Reliability:

Husqvarna is using a Honda Co. engine for this lawn mower. Honda is one of the top manufacturers of small and large engines in the market. If you recall my pressure washers review, I talked about why Honda is the preferred go to engine choice for users. Honda is a name of trust and reliability.

Husqvarna lawn mower features a staggering 190 CC engine that rips through all range of grass types easily. You also get an all wheel drive mode for quick maneuverability. It means that when the unit is self propelling across the lawn, it will require minimum to no manual pushing on your part.

All wheel drive is also helpful when the lawn has a sloping height. The wheels will do all the climbing as you can easily walk behind, or by the side of the lawn mower. Just make sure that if you are cutting underneath a tree line, you need to be at the side of this lawn mower from the unit’s mobility point of view.

Lawn Mower Speed:

To best make out of the self propelled mechanism, this Husqvarna lawn mower introduces a trigger control system for the convenience of users. The system is installed/ located on the handle of the lawn mower, whereas its objective is to offer different pace speeds to the users at large. If you want a bit of a jog, go for the last speed setting.

Spacious Deck:

This one’s referring to the blade diameter. It is a bit of a turn off to see a lawn mower with approx. 20’’ diameter because you will have to make several passes on the same patch over and over again.

Although I was expecting a 24 Inch deck, Husqvarna falls a little shy of that at 22 Inches. Still, it’s good and at least better than the smaller deck sizes in the market. The width is also nice and manageable, resulting in less amount of work over prolonged time periods.

3 In 1 Feature For All:

Let’s just say that Husqvarna wanted to offer more convenience to users. The trio of three comes in as mulcher, bagger, and side discharge option. It’s cool if you are looking to cut the lawn in a particular style, fertilize it through the side discharge or grate it to a fine splinter at the end of the day. Take your pick – and you sure won’t be disappointed.

F.Y.I this same 3 in 1 feature is also present in the Greenworks lawn mower. In case you are looking for an electric variant with a mulching system, bagging port and a side clipping discharge bay, go for Greenworks.

husqvarna lawn mower


Weight Issues and Other Problems to Think About:

Sadly, as in the case of many gas powered machines, this Husqvarna lawn mower does have a few minor setbacks. I am not talking about engine oil or maintenance – that’s the ritualistic chore of owning this beast.

One of the main issues is the weight factor. It weighs in at around 100 Lbs. Sure as hell, you cannot lift it easily, so, you’re going to have to store it at ground level in the house, or outside in the garage. Likewise, it also needs a lot of storage space. Make sure that you are not piling up heavy objects on top of the mower’s body because it can dent easily.

Many old timers hang their lawn mowers in the storage room. You should not hang this garden tool because if it falls down, which it will, the physical damage will void the warranty in an instant.

Let’s move on to the clogging issue. On the bright side, I am not talking about engine and carburetor clogging as seen in the case of the Toro lawn mower. This clogging is more like blade clogging when you are laboriously cutting through wet grass.

The leaves can pile up and render the blade immobile on a whim. The best way is to not clog the blade by mowing during sunny afternoons when the grass bed is all warm and dry.

Secondly, NEVER EVER assume that your lawn is free of rocks and hard twig splinters. Before mowing the lawn, walk through the lining and try to pick out any rocks that lie in the way. A lose rock can not only damage the Husqvarna cutting blade permanently, but it can also come lose and shoot towards the side, causing fatal injury to the limb.

At the moment, there are few better options that supersede the Husqvarna mower’s performance. However, you need to scale up your budget as well. For this much amount of money, Husqvarna is offering an all rounded packaged deal with little to no serious issues for users from all walks of life.

Husqvarna Pros & Cons

  • PRO
  • CON
  • Features 4 stroke all wheel drive 190 CC engine!
  • 22 Inch blades diameter for maximum coverage area.
  • 3-in-1 design offers mulching, bagging and discharging options at the same time.
  • Auto walk self propulsion mechanism with speed trigger control.
  • Ball bearing adjustable height wheels with 8 Inch diameter.
  • Detailed user manual and technical PDF spec attached for online users.
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Model 967044401 by Poulan Pro offers a hands on experience at an easily affordable push mower with little to no issues. Since this is an electric category unit, you should only buy if for medium sized lawns and average quality work.

poulan lawn mower

Source:Poulan Pro

Poulan Pro makes up for the lack of any other features as seen in Greenworks push mower by offering dual cutting blades with an arbor diameter of only 20 inches. This makes the Poulan lawn mower perfect for small scale homeowners who don’t have a lot of lawn or a garden to brag about!

The Poulan Pro lawn mower also offers a sleek combination of 2-in-1 feature; i.e. mulching and bagging, overall great ergonomics. The handle is foldable, and can be retracted whenever you are not storing the unit.

Speaking of storage, this Poulan model does not require a lot of storage space. The foldable design makes it possible to sneak it in close compartments within the garage. I keep on mentioning garages as the preferred storage areas, but if you are using some other place inside, or outside your house, go for it. It’s just that all our unwanted or secondary use power tools go to the garage.

Purely an Electric Lawn Mower

This electric mower has a 40V Li ion battery alongside a push button feature. It means that you are not dealing with engine pull cords at the least. You can crank out battery performance at the average of 40 – 45 minutes of uninterrupted performance, but that’s about it.

It also means that the battery takes a long time to fully charge. Should you expect it to hold the charge when the lawn mower is not in use for several weeks, don’t do so. I hate to break it to you, but you need to recharge the batteries if the Poulan Pro is kept in the dark for over a month. The charge just vanishes!

The good thing is that these are not your usual wall clock batteries. Poulan Pro is giving a 2 year warranty on the battery and the charger and an extended 4 year warranty on the mower unit. I couldn’t ask for anything more!

poulan pro lawn mower

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To make sure that you are in secure hands, buy your Poulan Pro cutter from an authorized retailer in your local vicinity. If that’s not a possibility, then go for an online e-commerce store such as; Amazon for a strong buyer protecting support. In case anything is out of the ordinary, you can create a product replacement tag and send it back to Amazon. They will contact Poulan Pro by pushing the “right buttons” for swift and immediate response to your query.

Poulan Pro Pros & Cons

  • PRO
  • CON
  • 20 Inch diameter dual sided blades.
  • Features 40 V Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Product is offered exclusively under Poulan Pro official 2 year battery n’ charger warranty, and a 4 year warranty on the unit itself.
  • Ideal for small scale homeowners who need to mow the lawn at least once in a month.
  • Cordless 2-in-1 design goes a long way as far as mulching, convenience and portability are concerned.
  • Easy to maintain product with a lightweight profile.
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Lawn Mower Reviews Final Thoughts

This was a relatively difficult lawn mower review write-up because selecting one main product as ‘Our Pick of the Day’ was a hard one. It’s not every day that reviewers at Power Tool Buzz get to blog about the best lawn mowers, especially when Husqvarna products are in there.

We have more of an open ended post where you get to choose which mower is best for you. As always, go for something in between affordability and value of the money. If some other mower unit tickles you the right way, then make sure you are going through verified customer reviews. Such lawn mower reviews are always a great way of weeding out through the crap and getting down to which push mower unit worked for whom and why. Hope you enjoyed this lawn mower review and don't forget to share your mowing experiences in the comment section below.

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