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Best Jigsaw In 2024 Review

best jigsaw reviews

The Best Jigsaw for 2024 – A Detailed Review From a Seasoned Woodworker

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bosch jigsaw

If I were to buy the best jigsaw for myself,  I would spend the extra cash and get the Bosch JS470E 120 V Jigsaw . It's a corded jigsaw with 7 Amp of power and a stable 3100 SPM speed. It features tool less blade change design and bevel cuts up to 45 degrees. This unit is quiet and vibration free when operating and comes with smooth precision control with reinforced SPM speed for stable output with Bosch's signature constant response circuitry. This saw is up to any cutting task it's challenged with.

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As a woodworker, if I had to choose one cutting tool for high degree of maneuverability and control, I’d go for a jigsaw. These little puppers are very easy to handle. Plus, with the entire movement factor at your disposal, your cutting motion is not very restricted.

Of course, it takes a lot of professionalism and patience to reach that level where you want the jigsaw to cut exactly how you want it to. But the point is that honing skills over a jigsaw is a lot easier than a miter saw, circular saw or any other tool for that matter.

I have shortlisted a variety of reliable products for you in this best jigsaw review. Please note that these brands were recently reviewed. Therefore, if you are interested in reading a jig saw review, you can go to the main page or visit the relevant jigsaw category at Powertoolbuzz. I always select those products that I’d be interested in using myself.

Having said that, these reviews are not conclusive – and so is this guide. Old gets replaced by new; it is the law of the power tools industry. If, at any point, you find out that our review of a product at Powertoolbuzz is superseded by something trendy and latest, just holler up through the comments section below. You can also write a detailed email; I’ll make sure that whichever product you have recommended, it gets listed on our website in this review.

Quick Comparison


Orbital Settings




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4 Positions

 5.6 lbs.

120 V

2 years

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DeWalt DCS331M1

4 Positions

6.8 lbs.

20 V

3 years

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Makita 4329K

3 Positions

4.19 lbs.

120 V

1 year

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Porter Cable PCE345

4 Positions

5.05 lbs.

120 V

3 years

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SKIL 4495-02

4 Positions

5 lbs.

120 V

1 year

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Black & Decker BDEJS600

4 Positions

5.2 lbs.

20 V

2 year

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Our Top 6 Best Jigsaws for 2024

Best Overall

jig saw

I might be a little biased when it comes to choosing Bosch, or SKIL products, but the company people really seem to know what they’re doing. With the release of Bosch JS470E 120 V , the devs managed to keep up with a common woodworker’s expectations.

Perhaps you know that the first ever jigsaw was released back during 1946 – 1947. What’s really interesting is the fact that it was Bosch’s very own employee who first came up with a working model of a jig saw.

He used his wife’s sewing machine; replaced the sewing needle with a small shank shaped toothed blade and then tested the prototype on a couple of wood planks.

Bosch senior employees liked the idea and they all worked together to incorporate it into creating the first ever jigsaw in the history of power tools.

Bosch Jigsaw Features:

  • Tool-less blade change makes it a breeze to insert/ remove blades.
  • 4 speed control orbital action dial.
  • Powerful 7.0 Amp motor with a stable 3100 strokes per minute.
  • Features Bosch’s signature stable control mechanism to help keep the blade motion consistent.
  • Low vibration rubberized grip allows cutting of any number of work pieces without any issue.
  • Comes with steel insert and onboard bevel wrench.
  • Features multidirectional blade clamp for a versatile cutting experience.

Why You Should Buy It?

Buying a Bosch JS470E 120 V Jigsaw is not a matter of doing something on an impulse. Go ahead and do your own research buy reading this review from start to end; you will find out that this tool is a great addition to your bulging arsenal of gadgets from a long-term investment perspective.

Of course, if you are a seasoned woodworker like me, you understand that changing tools is not possible after every few months or so. Eventually we all need to rely on “that one” high performance product which can not only work as advertised, but can also take a beating on site.

Bosch integrates quality, durability and performance in one package. Additional details on this saw are available down on this page. Without any ado, let’s take a look at the following best jigsaws one by one. They are fast, reliable and guaranteed to chisel through a long range of cutting material.

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Starting off with a low key unit, you can go for the Black and Decker BDEJS600C model. It is lightweight, it doesn’t cost a lot (you’re only looking at $30 - $35 price tag per unit), and it works as advertised on a number of work pieces.

B&D jigsaw

The only “issue” with the Black & Decker jigsaw or all of the company’s products in the power tools industry is that they are not exactly a fitting match for professionals. Seriously, if you are a seasoned wood worker who likes to get his hands dirty, while working on a monument of perfection, this is not the best jigsaw out there and is avoidable.

However, at the same time, I strongly recommend model BDEJS600C to entry-level enthusiasts. It is ideal for learners who are getting by with any particular technique on a DIY wood working project, people who are relatively quick on picking up sawing skills and vice versa. Given that the unit has a very low price, even if you do end messing up some part or anything, you won’t regret losing a lot of money.

Black and Decker Pros & Cons

  • PRO
  • CON
  • Comes with official Black & Decker 2 year warranty and 30 day money back policy. This offer is only applicable to brand new purchase of the saw.
  • Four speed orbital control with the ability to make curve cuts.
  • Top SPM of 3,000 combined with 5 Amp raw powerful motor can help cut standard dimension pieces very easily.
  • Black and Decker 5.0-Amp Jig Saw also includes an exhaust port You will, however, need to attach a shop vac or portable vacuum cleaner to the port to make things work.
  • Tool less blade change.
  • The corded jigsaw is compatible with long range of additional blades. U, T Shank and HCS are the most notable substitutes for standard stock blade.
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On a personal note, I hold the Dewalt DCS331M1 very close to my heart and consider Dewalt one of the best brands. Part of the reason is because it was one of the first products in the cordless jigsaw category that I tried. I am not a huge fab of battery powered equipment though. However, you never know when you will need a little bit of portability by your side on your next woodworking project.

Dewalt is known for remarkable build quality. I have tried, reviewed and recommended the company’s miter saws, circular saws, table saws and even Dewalt chainsaws on several occasions. The CS331M1 Battery Powered Jigsaw is one of the very few in the “affordable” niche category. You can find several updated models with higher pricing, and better features.

dewalt jigsaw


Dewalt Pros & Cons

  • PRO
  • CON
  • Comes with 4.0 Amp built in motor. The company could have integrated a 5.0 Amp motor, but it tends to consume battery life rather quickly. At 4.0, you are limited at 3,800 strokes per minute, but it’s still a lot by many standards.
  • Keyless blade change for an effortless transition to add-on blades. This cordless saw is also compatible with carbide, HM and BIM category blades. You only need to find the right number.
  • Comes with Dewalt signature dust blower. The jigsaw blows sawdust to the sides as you will move it through a work piece. Make sure that you are wearing high quality protective gear to avoid any injuries.
  • Dewalt DCS331M1 cordless jigsaw is back up by official company warranty. They also have the largest number of franchises all over the U.S. Therefore, getting a replacement or claiming warranties has become a lot easier.
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If you read my Makita 4329K 3.9 Amp review, you should be well aware that this product isn’t exactly the greatest power tool nor worth buying. However, there are some perks of having it. Like, for instance, have you thought about the all-time low price tag; this way, you are not at the risk of destroying a high quality power tool as a learner.

On the flip side, Makita has imbued this model with good build quality. It does have limited number of features due to cheap pricing and all, but you can get by with a lot of entry level woodworking contracts. The company introduced a medium performance 3.9 Amp motor, which churns out approx. 3000 – 3100 SPM.

Compared to the Dewalt DCS331M1 jigsaw, Makita should have installed at least an LED guide light for a deviation free cutting experience, but they didn’t. The good thing is that this model will go exactly along the cutting line regardless of a laser beam. You only need to outline a track with the help of a carpenter pencil for accurate results.

makita jigsaw

Source: Makita

Makita Pros & Cons

  • PRO
  • CON
  • Makita 4329K corded jigsaw is affordable. Thanks to low ticket price and long term official warranty, the model does not exhibit any signs of repairing or wear n’ tear for that matter.
  • Uses a ‘through-the-body’ dust port style. You will still need to attach a vacuum cleaner to the unit dust collection port if you are interested in a spick and span cutting experience.
  • Uses a large rubberized top handle grip for enhanced ergonomics.
  • Comes with standard safety lock and big trigger for easy handling.
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I wasn’t a huge fan of Porter Cable until I reviewed the company’s PCE345 Jigsaw. As stated earlier in the review I wrote for this model, I’ll say it again: PCE345 is not the “best” jigsaw for the money. However, it works like your grandma’s old sewing machine. Once you get used to keeping the blade SPM at optimal output, there’s no reason why this product shouldn’t be an ideal match for an entry level woodworker out there.

Out of the box, the one thing, which really stands out about this model, is the 7 variable speed dial. You can change the blade strokes per minute from low to high over a series of different settings. This allows users to cut PVC pipes, thin ceramic chips, pinewood and oak wood sheets. You can also use the jigsaw on PT lumber, but I’d advise that you refrain from doing so.

jigsaw tool

PT lumber is raw and requires the maximum amount of SPM for a rather more thorough cutting experience. Also, jigsaw blades are not very long – therefore, you cannot make deep cuts. Top it off with a standard 4 speed oscillation mechanism,the  PCE345 model shines as a brilliant addition to a seasoned woodworker’s tools.

Porter Cable Pros & Cons

  • PRO
  • CON
  • 7 setting variable speed control dial for a variety of cuts.
  • 4 orbital settings action dial for pendulum cuts. These are also called curved/ oval cuts.
  • Dedicated lock on dial for effortless results. Sometimes, jigsaws shake a lot, due to which, the vibrations can cause the cuts to look jagged. You can make the speed dial stay in the same position by snapping on the lock mechanism.
  • Maximum SPM of 3,200 + a combination of a powerful 6 Amp powerful motor really makes this saw worth all your hard earned cash.

One more thing that you need to know about this jigsaw is blade speed setting. Since there are 7 different levels to choose from, one can be tempted to use the max speed. In reality, what happens in that the blade can easily get stuck, damaged or overheat if the variable speed does not match the density of the cutting material.

Since wood is the natural/ default material which most of the jigsaws are made for, you should not have any issues at any variable speed dial selection mode. It is safe to start with the slowest speed to assess what the unit is up against. Once you have an idea about the resistance of the cut material, you can increase the variable speed to get fast results.

One mistake that amateurs normally make is that they turn on the orbital action system to cut high density pieces. It is okay to do so in some context, but whenever you are cutting steel, do not use the orbital action. It can damage the blade when it’s in idle state. In severe cases, even the jigsaw motor can get fried easily.

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Best Budget



SKIL and Bosch both go hand in hand when it comes to using high quality reliable power tools. Speaking of jigsaws, the company recently released the SKIL 4495-02 series model. It also has an embedded laser guide to make accurate cutting a breeze.

By the way, as far as I am concerned, I am not bothered if the jigsaw doesn’t have an LED laser beam. It is a nice additional feature, but its absence does not affect the performance. You can use the standard pencil to make markings.

The only reason why you would strongly rely on a jig saw with laser beam is when you are working in a dimly lit environment, or you are an entry-to-intermediate level woodworker. Seasoned woodworking contractors are normally not bothered by such adversities.

SKIL Pros & Cons

  • PRO
  • CON
  • Extremely precise results in any shape, form or direction you like. I recently wrote a detailed SKIL 4495-02 Orbital Laser Jigsaw review where I shared some images displaying the models capability of making curved cuts. You can read the jig saw review for ready reference, or Google some images for additional insight.
  • Anti vibration grip gives a handle on getting the maximum number of cuts without feeling any numbness in your wrists.
  • Easily affordable at the ongoing price in the market these days. SKIL also integrated a variety of latest features to make this SKIL saw an ideal substitute for those who cannot afford to spend a lot of money on a jigsaw.
  • Includes two extra blades for cutting different density materials.
  • 4 speed mode orbital action system for oval / curved cuts.
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If you are looking for a stable product worth its price tag, you should go for the Bosch JS470E 120 Volt Jigsaw. It is perhaps one of the most durable handheld power tools I have seen and used to date. Yes, I also wrote a dedicated review for this Bosch model, you can check it out later at Powertoolbuzz.

There was a lot of hype associated with Bosch JS470E model before the company released it. Part of the reason is associated with how Bosch has been known to have that ‘unknown’ employee who took the initiative of interfering with his wife’s beloved sewing machine.

He replaced the needle with a toothed blade and decided to move the then known model of a “handheld” jigsaw over a wooden slab.

The results may not have been perfect, but the guy’s execution of the first ever jigsaw was flawless. This is one of the main reasons as to why Bosch is loved by majority of the woodworking community members. These people know that the brand name has been around for several decades now. Take a look at some of the pros and cons of the Bosch JS470E 120 Volt Jigsaw.

jig saws

Bosch Pros & Cons

  • PRO
  • CON
  • Tool less blade change for rapid transitioning from one blade type to another.
  • Bevel angle motion allows the jigsaw to tilt from a minimum 22.5 degree to a max 45 degree. This means you can easily make bevel cuts as long as they fall within the aforementioned angles.
  • Enhanced precision control backed up by SPM stabilizer makes it possible to get maximum number of unparalleled cuts at 3,100 Steps Per Minute.
  • Bosch has installed dedicated constant response circuit which allows the cutting tool to work at a responsive speed.
  • Packs a powerful 7.0 AMP motor!
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jigsaw guide

Update About Jigsaw Orbital Action:

In most cases, woodworkers are made to believe that orbital action is a welcomed addition to a long list of features in a jigsaw. They enable the said mechanism because it feels okay to see the blade oscillate and cut through the work piece.

If I were to be honest with you for a second, I also made the same mistake several years ago. I would use the orbital action on work pieces which did not really require that specific blade motion. As a result, I ended up ruining my jigsaw blade and motor altogether.

The orbital action is basically a pendulum like stroke that moves the blade in an “oval” motion. As it goes down, it is in idle state – as the blade curves and moves up, it is actually cutting something. The entire movement is achieved when manufacturers insert a small pin inside the saw support roller. As a result, once the orbital action is enabled at any setting, the blade moves in an elbow/ pendulum like motion.

NEVER EVER use your jigsaw’s orbital action when the blade is already hot, or the work material is too dense. Especially if you are looking to cut aluminum,  metal or ceramic sheets, use a DIA blade type. These blades have a steel core with diamond spraying. Other blades are not designed to take on metal or any such material for that matter.

The reason I wrote about orbital action in this review is that I do not want you to make the same mistake with your jigsaw. Since all of the aforementioned power tools were personally tested by me, or one of our staff members, there is a chance that someone “failed” to mention these additional details concerning orbital action in jigsaws.

As a result, you may end up with a permanently damaged blade with orbital action enabled when it was never needed in the first place.

Closing Thoughts

The above-mentioned "best" jigsaws are just few of the models that I tried recently. They were individually reviewed on our website. Despite of our strong recommendations, we are not forcing you to buy anything from this list. You can do your own research, read up in our jig saw tool guide, compare features n’ specs and buy something which perfectly suits your project requirements.

The only reason you “should” buy one based on our recommendations made in this best cordless jigsaw review is because they were personally tried by our staff. We do not highlight any power tool at our website regardless if it's a jigsaw, cordless drill, chainsaw or any other tool just because it comes in a fancy ass box – our writers work hard to test each product against a set number of variable changes to make sure that only perfection falls through the cracks. We hope you enjoyed our post and don't forget to share your cutting experiences in the comments below.

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